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Emma Lundy

Building And Maintaining Your Personal Learning Network

By | TEACHERS | One Comment

What is a Personal Learning Network? In order for the field of education to remain collaborative and dynamic, every educator must have their own Personal Learning Network. Personal Learning Networks may be broken down into three components: (1) they are personal because they rely on forming relationships with other people rather than simple exchanges of information, (2) they involve learning…

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Adaptive Learning Technologies: Repersonalising Education

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Although EdTech is an ever-expanding field in which innovative developments are being made at an increasingly fast pace, one of its most exciting areas is adaptive learning. Adaptive learning technologies are changing education in order to ensure that every student receives the level of attention that could previously be attained only during expensive one-to-one sessions with private tutors. Such sessions…

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EdTech Mythbusting

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Educators who have never incorporated digital solutions into their classrooms tend to have similar ideas about EdTech, particularly in relation to its perceived negatives. However, many of these beliefs are founded on little or no solid evidence and serve only to prevent teachers from embracing the future of education and embarking on their EdTech journeys. Dispelling the most common EdTech…

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