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What is Adaptive Learning and Why Does It Matter?

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Every student learns in their own way. Recent research from a 45-year-long American study showed that even children with genius-level IQ need help and guidance from a teacher to succeed. The Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth (SMPY) tracked 5,000 of the smartest children in America — the top 1%, 0.1%, and 0.01% of all students. It revealed that assuming the smartest kids…

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Conor O'Sullivan, Chief Executive, Adaptemy

How personalised learning can eliminate classroom zone-outs

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Press Coverage in Business Post By Emmet Ryan, Sunday Business Post, May 7, 2017 The complete source article is available here: Dublin-based education technology firm Adaptemy will create up to 15 jobs and expand into Slovakia over the next 12 months on the back of raising €3.25 million in funding. Adaptemy, which develops software to help teachers customise assignments...
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HORIZON 2020 Project: Networked Labs for Training in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication

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Adaptemy is proud to announce the partnership in the European Horizon 2020 project entitled Networked Labs for Training in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication (NEWTON) The project will start on 1st of March 2016. NEWTON is a large scale European-funded international project which involves 14 partners, from 7 countries. NEWTON will develop, integrate and disseminate innovative technology enhanced learning…

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What is Teacher Empowerment?

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Many educational professionals, including the Adaptemy team, place heavy emphasis on the importance of being an empowered teacher. However, the concept of empowerment can seem abstract and its meaning in relation to education is sometimes unclear. Defining exactly what is meant by statements such as ‘adaptive learning technology empowers teachers’ is vital to maximising their impact on the field and…

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Adaptive Learning Technologies: Repersonalising Education

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Although EdTech is an ever-expanding field in which innovative developments are being made at an increasingly fast pace, one of its most exciting areas is adaptive learning. Adaptive learning technologies are changing education in order to ensure that every student receives the level of attention that could previously be attained only during expensive one-to-one sessions with private tutors. Such sessions…

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EdTech Mythbusting

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Educators who have never incorporated digital solutions into their classrooms tend to have similar ideas about EdTech, particularly in relation to its perceived negatives. However, many of these beliefs are founded on little or no solid evidence and serve only to prevent teachers from embracing the future of education and embarking on their EdTech journeys. Dispelling the most common EdTech…

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Five Challenging Interview Questions For Teachers

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(source) From our recent conversations with a wide range of teachers, it is clear that many educators are currently involved in the interviewing process either as a candidate or as an interviewer. Interestingly, five questions have been identified again and again as being difficult for teachers to answer appropriately and uniquely. This post represents a consolidation of my research into…

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