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Adaptemy has a 100% success rate getting projects to market on-time and on-budget. In such a rapidly evolving and complex market, this enviable record is a proud and hard-won achievement.

Our record of success is based on our carefully designed and cost-efficient project delivery model. Each project includes as many or as few of the following services as are necessary, based on the evaluation of the project’s partners and markets.

Business Analysis

Strategy Development

and Content Evaluation

Organisational Development

Learning and Product Design

Training and Qualification

Implementation and Rollout

Support Services

The Adaptemy Community

Our process in detail

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Stage 1. Business Analysis

Adaptive learning projects, even for established digital providers, are transformational. Our multi-market experience helps publishers undergo this transformation, beginning with an in-depth analysis of the business.

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Stage 2. Strategy Development

Based on the findings of Stage 1, we will compile a comprehensive report that contextualises the project within the strategic vision of your organisation.

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Stage 3. Technological and Content Evaluation

After the initial analyses, we will deep dive into the existing technology infrastructure, content and Content Management Systems (CMS) at your organisation. Typically, this will take the format of a gap analysis, which seeks to identify content suitability and integration points with existing technology.

The output of this phase will be a clear and detailed roadmap for creating a successful adaptive learning product with our easy-to-use technology framework.

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Stage 4. Organisational Development

Certain roles and skills are required by a publisher to achieve success when introducing adaptive learning solutions. This stage of the process provides insights into organisational requirements and, where needed, support on change management and training needs.

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Stage 5. Learning and Product Design

We take your stakeholders through a simple and clear process for requirements gathering, solution design, iteration, delivery and QA. Our learning and research team, headed by Dr. Ioana Ghergelescu, ensures that the learning design of our products is informed by the latest established research. This may include the development of new product features, tools or reports.

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Stage 6. Training and Qualification

Once the training requirements are identified, we will present a detailed training plan of workshops. This will cross specific departments within your organisation and will typically focus on Adaptive Learning, Personalised Learning and Learning Analytics, Project Management, Curriculum Design, Content Authoring and Localisation.

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Stage 7. Implementation and Rollout

Supplementing the expertise of your marketing team, we will explore which messages and strategies from other territories have been successful (or not). We also offer a customer persona service which supports messaging, segmentation, prioritisation and targeting.

To support your sales team, Adaptemy has developed a range of analytics to help sales reps target users likely to buy based on their usage patterns and other key indicators.

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Stage 8. Support Services

Your dedicated account manager will be on-hand for the first two weeks of product launch, ready to quickly react to any issues in your market after Go Live. Your success is our success.

We offer an introductory workshop to business intelligence which explores how to use and understand reporting data to grow your business. Our customer support training focuses not only on FAQs and technical support, but also the now-critical role of the Customer Service rep.

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Stage 9. The Adaptemy Community

Adaptemy is fortunate to enjoy excellent relationships with our customers in many different territories. As part of the Adaptemy Community you’ll be connected to our customers, users and partners.

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