Your opportunity

in the digital future of education

Through a combination of in-depth consultative support, proven deployment processes and leading-edge technology, we help companies across the globe build adaptive learning solutions.

Our offerings:

Consultancy & Pilots

The perfect first step: digital strategy consultancy, workshops, proof-of-concepts or pilot products.

Publishing Tools

A state-of-the-art suite of tools to upgrade your offering and incorporate AI into your processes and products.

Learning Apps

A range of full-solution learning apps, highly customisable, ready-to-go with your content and brand.

A.I. Engine integration

Power all of your digital learning products with learning intelligence, using standards-based API integrations.

1. Getting started

Consultancy & Pilots

Our experience with multiple publishers from across the globe, our technical expertise and extensive classroom knowledge can help you confidently plan for your digital future.

  • Explore your product roadmap in workshops with our experienced AI, software and learning analytics teams.
  • Discover what’s possible with a Proof-of-Concept project
  • Assess your readiness for digital transformation.
  • Build a partial course using your own content
  • Assemble the inputs to build your financial model with confidence.
  • Develop a pilot product to explore customer reaction, inform product plans and build sales messaging.

From a 1-day onsite workshop to a 3-month pilot project, take the first steps towards your future in AI-powered digital learning products.

Consulting Examples
2. Tool up your team

Publishing Tools

With our background in educational publishing, we thoroughly understand the editorial and content development processes within publishers, and how they need to change. Adaptemy’s suite of Publishing Tools provide you with a standards-based set of tools to create a broad suite of learning products.

  • Curriculum Design: a powerful and easy-to-use way to design curriculum maps with adaptive metadata, the core framework of all AI-powered learning products.
  • Assessment Authoring: a state-of-the-art QTI standards-based structured authoring tool, with instant-preview and a wide variety of question types.
  • Learning Analytics: deep-dive into learning patterns with our learning analytics tools, and understand your customers like never before.
  • Interface Translation: easy branding and localisation of all of our learning apps, ensuring UX and messaging matches your market.
  • Adaptivity Configuration: tune the adaptive algorithms to match the learning design of your product.
  • Reporting Suite: extensive range of customisable reports to understand your content metrics and customer data.
Publishing Tools
3. Commercial testing

Deliver a complete learning app

A white-labelled adaptive learning app, you just add your content.

We provide the development, authoring tools, commercial support and operational guidance.

You get an off-the-shelf adaptive learning app, a cost-effective way to bring a powerful learning experience to your customers. Your risk is lowered, complexity is removed.

Case study
4. Partnering

Integrate intelligence into your whole offering

Apply best-in-class learning intelligence across your entire digital suite.

Harness the power of adaptive learning technology with strategic integrations. Scalable, strong technology and a reliable partner transform your product offering into a full-scale learning solution.

Increase the value of your digital assets, improve retention and leverage existing content.

AI technologies


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