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How can we use technology to help educational publishers leverage their content, make learning more effective and teaching more enjoyable?

That was the question which sparked Adaptemy into existence in 2013 and is our founding vision to this day.

Back then, the first generation of edtech was just beginning to emerge. Early solutions frequently failed. Founders misunderstood the role of the teacher, the dynamics of personal relationships in the classroom, and publishers had huge difficulty going to market.

Adaptemy assembled a world-class team of experts, bringing together a deep understanding of learning, teacher training and software development. We began trialling prototypes in 2013 and later that year, launched our first full curriculum product.

By September 2014, our first major publisher partnerships had begun and we were building out services to help publishers through the process. A year later, our adaptive classrooms were in use in three countries across Europe.

In September 2015, Adaptemy completed a major investment round, and today we’re continuing to build the future of personalised learning with publishing partners around the world.

Committed to new ideas

We are constantly researching and trialling new teaching ideas and technologies.

In collaboration with our pilot schools, partner companies and leading universities in across five countries, we are committed to delivering more effective learning for different age-groups, subject areas, markets and cultures.

In-depth research is the backbone of our work. Through our involvement in the pioneering Horizon 2020 programme and other studies, we are making major technological advancements as we continue to bring the best A.I. technologies to bear on education.

You can read our published research papers here.

Conor O'Sullivan

Conor O'Sullivan


Conor O’Sullivan has been responsible for transformative technology projects in the education sector for over 10 years. Previously CTO at Ireland’s leading educational publisher and a director of several EdTech companies, Conor is a recognised leader in adaptive learning software and the innovative use of technology in education.

Conor Flynn

Conor Flynn


Conor Flynn has been reshaping classroom experiences for over 15 years. A teacher and pedagogy consultant, Conor’s insight into organisational behaviour and social responsibility has seen him successfully open schools and reimagine curriculums and teaching practices across the globe.

Daniel McCrea

Publisher Services

Led by Daniel McCrea

Our Publisher Services team supports our partners throughout the design, development and operations of learning product powered by Adaptemy. Led by Daniel McCrea, Adaptemy has an enviable record in successful publisher collaborations, thanks to a background in educational publishing and a thorough understanding of editorial processes and project management.

Ioana Ghergulescu

Research Team

Led by Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu

Our Research Team, led by Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu, is responsible both for the key analytics and algorithms that power the Adaptemy technology, and for our research collaborations with universities across the world. Our Research team also has a strong publication record, pushing forward the state-of-the-art in learning technologies.

Dr. John Craddock

Software Development

Led by Dr. John Craddock

Software development is a big part of the work at Adaptemy, both in our core internal team and with our development partners. Dr. John Craddock leads software development at Adaptemy, with a particular expertise on scalable and lightweight applications that are reliable and intuitive for our partners, teachers and students of all ages.

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