Pioneering Improvements

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How can we use technology to help educational publishers leverage their content, make learning more effective and teaching more enjoyable?

Our Story


2007 Initial innovations in learning

Adaptemy founders, Conor O'Sullivan and Conor Flynn, begin working on various research projects: an adaptive learning startup for the US higher-ed market, founding a chain of innovative language schools in China, digital transformation of an educational publisher in Ireland, one of the earliest iPad textbook platforms with a Korean partner, and multiple research projects into learner profiling and diagnostic assessment with leading university partnerships.

2012 First prototypes

With seed funding, early prototypes of innovative edtech tools are piloted in schools across Ireland: online tutoring with personalised support, blended tutoring formats, self-paced modular revision courses and learner self-awareness interfaces. Our focus is on both learning effectiveness and teacher satisfaction.

2015 Adaptemy is founded

We hit on a product that showed big learning gains, teachers loved it, and it fitted a market need of education publishers. Adaptemy was founded, with an investment of over €3m, and contracts signed with 3 of the largest publishers in Europe.

2016 Building team and product suite

With an EU consortium research grant of €6.5m and project implementations in 4 languages, we expanded our team to 15 people and started research into pedagogies for science and language learning. We also began the development of our Publisher Tools suite to give more control and configuration options to our customers.

2017 Awards and recognition

As the Adaptemy-powered products appear in classrooms across the world, we are recognised by several awards: BETT Awards, Edtech Startup Awards, GESA Awards and at EdtechX.

2018 Next-generation platform

Delivery of our next-generation A.I. platform, enabling more powerful solutions at larger scale, and our first API integration, deeply embedding our technology into publisher's existing learning systems.

2019 Consultancy in AI for Education

Taking advantage of our implementation experience, we launch our consultancy business. Adaptemy provides advisory services to many of the world's leading education companies on how to use AI in their learning products and production processes.

Committed to new ideas

We are constantly researching and trialling new teaching ideas and technologies.

In collaboration with our pilot schools, partner companies and leading universities across five countries, we are committed to delivering more effective learning for a variety of age-groups, subject areas, markets and cultures.

In-depth research is the backbone of our work. Through our involvement in a pioneering Horizon 2020 programme and other studies, we are making major technological advancements as we continue to bring the best A.I. technologies to bear on education.

You can read our published research papers here.

Our Leadership Team

Conor O'Sullivan

Founder, CEO

Conor O’Sullivan has been responsible for transformative technology projects in the education sector for over 10 years. Previously CTO at Ireland’s leading educational publisher and a director of several EdTech companies, Conor is a recognised leader in adaptive learning technology and the innovative use of technology in education.

Conor Flynn

Founder, COO

Conor Flynn has been reshaping classroom experiences for over 15 years. A teacher and pedagogy consultant, Conor’s insight into organisational behaviour and social responsibility has seen him successfully open schools and reimagine curriculums and teaching practices across the globe.

Daniel Mccrea

Head of Publisher Services

Our Publisher Services team supports our partners throughout the design, development and operations of learning product powered by Adaptemy. Led by Daniel McCrea, Adaptemy has an enviable record in successful publisher collaborations, thanks to a background in educational publishing and a thorough understanding of editorial processes and project management.

Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu

Head of Research & Adaptive Learning

Our Research Team, led by Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu, is responsible both for the key analytics and algorithms that power the Adaptemy technology, and for our research collaborations with universities across the world. Our Research team also has a strong publication record, pushing forward the state-of-the-art in learning technologies.

Dr. John Craddock

Head of Software Development

Software development is a big part of the work at Adaptemy, both in our core internal team and with our development partners. Dr. John Craddock leads software development at Adaptemy, with a particular expertise on scalable and lightweight applications that are reliable and intuitive for our partners, teachers and students of all ages.

A unique combination of skills

Almost one billion people took part in an “education” experience this week, and Adaptemy are at the forefront of developing better technology to help improve the quality of these experiences. But it requires a diverse set of skills:

  • software development
  • data analytics & data science
  • learning research
  • project management
  • instructional design

The success of Adaptemy is driven by the talent of our team. If you feel you have what it takes to improve the future of education, join our team!

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