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Adaptive Learning Solutions

Add powerful adaptive learning courses into your LMS.
Take control of the learning experience and deliver better learning.

Upgrade your LMS Courses

Your Learning Platform does a lot of things very well. However delivering engaging and effective personalised learning experiences is not one of them.

AI technologies have advanced significantly in recent years. As has the maturity of adaptive and personalised learning solutions, supported by an extensive body of research.

With Adaptemy, you can bring these state-of-the-art learning technologies to your current Learning Platform.

Complete Solution for your LMS

simple integration with your existing LMS (Blackboard/Moodle/Canvas/D2L…)

course builder tools including intuitive curriculum mapping and content tagging tools for your faculty

beautiful UI and UX designs that leverage our implementation experiences across many organisations and audiences

a choice of off-the-shelf adaptive learning strategies to realise your learning objectives, including adaptive diagnostic assessments for placement, guided learning, reinforcement and exam preparation

detailed analytics tools giving you insights into the performance of your student cohorts, content and courses

implementation support from an experienced team, ensuring the success of your project from start to finish


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