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State of the art

Technology for learning

Connect your learning platform to the
Adaptemy Learning Engine to create
powerful and effective learning experiences.

Upgrade your learning products

Integrate our Learning Engine seamlessly into your existing ecosystem to deliver world-class personalised learning to your learners and insights to your teachers.

With your existing Learning Platform and content, you can create far more powerful products and learning experience by taking advantage of adaptive learning technologies.

Use data to understand your learners, understand your content and the learning journeys your students take. And have your products adjust to your learners’ needs in real-time.

What is adaptive learning?

State-of-the-art AI that builds a detailed profile of each learner, understands their ability across the whole course, detects emotional states, misconceptions and predicts knowledge retention.

Accurate models

Real-time personalised recommendations that can implement your learning methodology, including diagnostic question sequencing, personalised feedback messaging and adaptive learning paths to enable effective, engaging learning experiences.

Effective strategies

Prepare: create curriculum maps and add metadata to your content. This will form the initial framework for your models.
Stream your Learning Data to the our engine using xAPI Learner Record standards
Receive model output from the AI-engine including Learner Profiles, Predictions & Recommendations
Use data (machine-learning) to continuously update models of the learners, content and curriculum, and optimise the learning experience.

How to integrate with us

You already know how to create world class content in your CMS. You already have beautiful front-end applications and platforms. You already capture user data. To make your learning experiences adaptive, you’ll need to:

  1. Create a curriculum map and add content metadata
  2. Stream your learning data to our engine using xAPI standards
  3. Use our learner-profiles and recommendations to create personalised learning experiences in your platform
  4. Continue to optimise your products based on learning analytics

Grounded in Research

A trustworthy and explainable AI system is based on clearly defined models that can be tuned to different contexts, cultures and pedagogies.

Learn more about how we derive our deep understanding of learners, content and the curriculum, and how we enable you to design personalisation strategies that suit your learners.

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