At Adaptemy, we strive to develop more effective learning for a variety of age-groups, subject areas, markets and cultures.

We are constantly researching and trialling

new teaching ideas and technologies

in collaboration with our pilot schools, partner companies and leading university partners.

Here we present some of the outcomes of our research, our prototypes and research pilots. We also include here the research papers we have presented at conferences and our journal publications.

HORIZON 2020 Project: Networked Labs for Training in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication

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Adaptemy is proud to announce the partnership in the European Horizon 2020 project entitled Networked Labs for Training in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication (NEWTON) The project will start on 1st of March 2016. NEWTON is a large scale European-funded international project which involves 14 partners, from 7 countries. NEWTON will develop, integrate and disseminate innovative technology enhanced learning…

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Impressions from EdMedia 2015

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Back in June, I attended the EdMedia 2015 conference in Montreal, Canada, where I presented the research paper titled “Adaptemy – Building the Next Generation Classroom”. EdMedia – World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, is the premiere international conference in the field, organised annually by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). The conference draws a large…

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Content Representation And Organisation At Adaptemy

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By Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu Adaptemy distinguishes between curriculum and content. The curriculum includes concepts and the relationships between them, and different content is designed for each concept. The adaptive learning platform supports many different types of content that can be employed in a variety of settings, with multiple question types being produced from a generic question template. Adaptemy uses curriculum-mapped…

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Adaptive Learning

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By Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu Wondering why you should adopt Adaptive Learning Technologies? The answer is simple: learners are different and one size doesn’t fit all! Providing the same linear information to all learners could make both students who are struggling and students who are flying through the material feel isolated. Adaptive learning reaches each learner despite differences in knowledge level,…

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Junior Cert Maths – Knowledge Map

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Just a snapshot of the knowledge map we are working on for the Junior Cert maths curriculum assessment. Our curriculum team have identified about 200 separate concepts and learning elements, and mapped the links and dependencies between them. This will form the basis for the creation of personalised learning paths for each student.

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