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Demystify Adaptive Learning

And chart your way forward

From 1-day workshops to 3-month prototype projects, we help companies across the globe plan their adaptive learning roadmaps.

1. Getting started

Explore Adaptive Learning

Our most popular workshops for a wide range of audiences, including educational publishers, government ministries, universities and training providers.

Get a detailed practical understanding of adaptive learning solutions across the world. Some of the possible areas covered:

  • Future of learning: a review of some of the latest solutions in the market and how they work
  • Adaptive learning: overview of key theories and technologies
  • Smart content: the processes and systems behind the development of adaptive solutions

Save months of desk research and get your team up to speed with a workshop programme tailored to you. Online or onsite.

2. Customise

Create your own Roadmap

Depending on your starting point and size, the integration of A.I. technologies into your organisation can be a journey of many steps.

Our roadmap workshops start with detailed analysis of your current products, systems and processes, using our Adaptemy Roadmap™ framework.

  • Learning design and the product definition process
  • Market research techniques and identifying relevant market dynamics
  • Content development formats and CMS technologies
  • Content metadata frameworks and tagging processes
  • Curriculum mapping and product structures
  • Data pipelines and scalable Learner Record Stores
  • Use of analytics in the product development process

Some partners will have a single area to explore, others will begin a larger organisation-wide readiness project. Discuss your needs with our Services team.

3. Prototype

Create a Tangible Prototype

Building and piloting a prototype can be a very effective way to test your assumptions.

With as little or as much integration as your choose, create a working prototype with your own content, typically a short group of topics.

And trial it with some students, teachers.

At Adaptemy, our experience in prototype development can help remove your uncertainties and risks, and make your project clearer to a wider group of stakeholders in your organisation.

Put yourself in the strongest position to make
confident investment decisions about your future.


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