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New €7m Project on Next Generation Learning Experiences

Adaptemy is delighted to have been successful in winning EU funding to continue our research into the latest educational technologies. The €7m HEAT project will allow us to extend our research and development of personalised learning into the virtual and augmented reality world.

Following on from the “Higher Education Classroom of the Future” project in 2023, this award from the EU Horizon Scheme will focus on the development of Hybrid Extended Reality experiences, exploring the state-of-the-art of immersive learning experiences.

Over the course of the 3-year project, we will collaborate with university research teams in Dublin, Italy (Cagliari and Parma), Romania (Brasov), as well as several industry partners across Europe.

Since 2015, Adaptemy has pioneered the application of the latest research on personalised and adaptive learning, providing solutions for our partner organisations across the world. Our team’s research activity has been widely disseminated, demonstrating our emphasis on the validation and explainability of our AI solutions.

More details to follow.