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Get to know Adaptemy’s Curriculum Mapping Tool

Adaptemy launches its new Curriculum Mapping Tool on 12th October at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Transforming the traditionally slow, frustrating and error-prone process of planning a course, it stands to dramatically alter the content design process for authors, editors and publishers alike.

You may know it as a scheme, scope or sequence of work, curriculum map or graph, but the function of the course planning document remains the same: to chart the educational content needed to deliver an effective learning experience and how that content connects.

Considering it is the foundation of every learning tool, it has remained notoriously complicated to create and manage for far too long.

The truth is, its traditional domain (the spreadsheet) does not have the sophistication needed to complete this essential task with ease.

Adaptemy’s new tool transitions the process from the outdated world of cells, rows and columns to the fast, effective and accurate realm of an intuitive web-based application.

It comes with everything an educational publisher needs to create, validate, collaborate and integrate. Let’s get to know the product.

What does it promise to do?

Adaptemy’s curriculum mapping tool takes the time, frustration and uncertainty out of building curriculum maps.

It replaces complicated, messy and confusing spreadsheets with a visual tool that’s intuitive and interactive.

You get a clear overview of how all of your content elements fit into the learning experience and save valuable product development time.

Does it work? Early adopter Malcolm Nicholson, Director of Erimus Education and former Head of MYP & DP Development at the International Baccalaureate thinks so:

“The curriculum mapping tool is incredibly easy to use and intuitive. The visual nature helped me to map efficiently and enabled me to keep in mind the most important aspect, the learner journey.”

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What can you do inside the tool? Intelligently Organise Your Content

The tool allows you to:

  • Create your course structure with sections, topics and concepts
  • Create links between concepts in a graphical interface
  • Add extensible metadata to suit all subject areas and pedagogy
  • Easily export curriculum maps to other systems

It has features that ensure the output and experience is reliable and high quality such as a:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • In-tool validation
  • 3-second autosave with full undo/redo
  • Full version control with roll-back

And it allows you to integrate the mapping exercise with your existing workflow. You can:

  • Define your own metadata at each level of the curriculum
  • Add curriculum variants for different regions and countries
  • Export to Excel or XML
  • Integrate with your Content Management System
  • Prepare your content for Adaptive Learning products

You can get started quickly too. Set up takes minutes. It comes with a free 30-day trial, webinar, documentation and helpdesk.

And of course individual and company pricing is available.

The product launches on 12th October 2018 at the Frankfurt Book Fair but you can sign up now to be among the first to try it out.

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