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Regular conversations with thought-leaders on the future of learning

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In this episode Conor Flynn speaks with Mireia Pi, Head of Pedagogy at Aula Planeta, a division of Spain’s leading publishing company Grupo Planeta. With years of experience introducing new education solutions to schools across Spain and Latin America, Mireia shares some of her learnings and her vision of the next 10 years.

28 February 2019

In this episode Conor Flynn speaks to Jon Smith, founder and CEO of Pobble, about the edtech entrepreneurs journey: from the initial idea in the classroom through all the challenges of building a successful edtech company.

5 February 2019

In this episode Conor Flynn speaks to Dr. Paula Flynn, professor at the School of Inclusive Education at DCU, about the power of student voice in the learning process, and the impact this has on the role of the teacher in the personalised classroom.

15 January 2019

In this episode Conor Flynn speaks to Matthew O’Kane, Managing Director of Nexus Investments, about what a good educational investment looks like, balancing passion with business acumen and the warning signs investors look out for when considering an investment.

21 November 2018

In this episode we speak with Mark Twohig, a special education needs (SEN) teacher in Ireland, to better understand just what is meant by special education needs, its importance and the need for greater teacher training and support.

7 November 2018

In this episode we speak with Topicus Onderwijs B.V. MD Kees Mastenbroek on the adoption of technology in Dutch schools, how edtechs are challenging traditional publishers and scaling edtech companies.

23 October 2018

In our second podcast with David Klett, Managing Director at Klett Group, we asked what’s right and wrong with education, from the STEM-ification of schools to greater autonomy for students.

9 October 2018

David Klett, Managing Director at Europe’s largest educational publisher Klett Group, joins Conor Flynn to discuss the philosophy of education and the grading conundrum.

3 October 2018

Ricard Dalmau, of Spain’s Grupo Planeta, discusses the opportunities and challenges of developing digital products for schools, why teachers need to be involved from the outset and his vision for the future of schools.

19 September 2018

Today we speak to David O’Grady, teacher at Belvedere College,  about the similarities and differences in education between different countries, how technology must empower teachers and why he gave up on Moodle.

5 September 2018