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Enabling better learning

We are at the cusp of a greater understanding of how people learn. Using data, we can now investigate and interrogate long-held assumptions about the best way to teach and study. Evidence-based research has shed light on what really brings long-term, sustainable learning for students. Teachers are core to not only collecting and understanding this information but implementing tools in the classroom to drive better learning outcomes.


Reduce workload, support relationships

Teachers are expected to be passionate, compassionate and thoughtful. For centuries they have provided personalised learning for their students. However, the rift between the classroom and the real world is leading to a greater divide in educational outcomes. By harnessing the power of technology, teachers are looking to close this gap and continue to support the personal learning journeys of their students around the world.

Some examples we have worked on

Diagnostic Tests

Use powerful learner modelling and adaptive assessment to build accurate and quick assessments.

Simple digital workbooks

Homework assignment products, easy-to-use with immediate personal feedback and reporting.

Adaptive Exercising

Adjust the learning experience to the needs of the student in real-time. Award-winning, effective learning.

Language Practice

Build language fluency with skills practise, paced for the learner with progress feedback.

Virtual Science Labs

Learn through discovery with science simulations that take the learner through a journey of enquiry.

Learner Analytics

Learner behaviour analytics on an existing LMS, to uncover learning patterns and challenges.

Revision Planner

Optimise revision time with a diagnostic & recommendation system tailored to learner goals.

Integrated A.I.

Power an existing learning product with adaptive and personalised learning through API integration.


Understanding work­flows and behaviours

Successful products in the classroom will be rooted in a deep understanding of the jobs that a teacher will outsource in the future. Hybridity, the seamless integration of technology into a teacher's and student's life is key. Rather than demanding people change the way they go about their lives, any solution provider for teachers and students should ask themselves, “how does my solution make their lives ten times better”.


Changing the world

The science of pedagogy is nearing a golden age where our understanding of teaching and learning is reaching new levels. Teachers have access to never before seen information and data on student personal needs, activity and performance. Students now need the skills of decision making, complex communication and group problem solving to be effective in the modern world. While the fundamental role of teachers is still fulfilling the interpersonal connection, guiding students on the personal journey of learning, the tools they use are evolving and adapting at speed.

Learning gain

Average grade improvement per concept after each lesson. Up from +8.3% last year.

Teacher Satisfaction

Measure of satisfaction (Net Promotor Score) of teachers using Adaptemy-powered products.

Time "in flow"

Percentage of time where students were fully engaged in the learning experience, in the “flow” state.

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