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Simpler, Smarter Publishing Tools

Because educational publishing software has become much too complex, expensive, error-prone and difficult to manage.

Let’s get back to thinking about learning.

Rethink the way you produce your educational content

Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams for remote collaboration and cloud file storage

Simple, clear workflows based around the content structure

Intuitive content management based on curriculum and product structures

Flexible and modular: integrate your favourite authoring/editing tools into any stage of your workflows

Real-time progress reporting: complete, transparent progress and management reporting to get everyone on the same page

Multi-channel: as suitable for printed textbooks, enriched ebooks as adaptive learning courseware


Extend Thoth with industry-leading tools

Microsoft Teams App Integration

Automated content labelling

Structured content authoring

Mathematics equation editor

Online proofing workflow tool

Intelligent math components

Industry Standards

Easier interoperability and no vendor lock-in

xAPI Learner Record formats

DITA xml content formats

QTI 3.0 Assessment formats

Adaptemy Publishing System

The best way to explore the Adaptemy Publishing System is through our Roadmap workshops.

Rethink your processes and tools.

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