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Curriculum Design

by Adaptemy

The easy-to-use, visual editing tool
for creating curriculums maps

Intelligently organise your content

Create your course structure with sections, topics and concepts

Create links between concepts in a graphical interface

Add extensible metadata to suit all subject areas and pedagogy

Cloud-based editor – easily export curriculum maps to other systems

Fast. Effective. Accurate.

  • Take the time, frustration and uncertainty out of building curriculum maps.

  • Replace complicated, messy and confusing spreadsheets with a visual tool that’s intuitive and interactive.

  • Get a clear overview of how all of your content elements fit into the learning experience.

  • Save months of valuable product development time

Reliable and high quality

  • Drag and drop interface

  • In-tool validation

  • 3-second autosave with full undo/redo

  • Full version control with roll-back

Integrate with your workflow

  • Define your own metadata at each level of the curriculum

  • Add curriculum variants for different regions and countries

  • Export to Excel or XML

  • Integrate with your Content Management System

  • Prepare your content for Adaptive Learning products

Curriculum Design by Adaptemy

is now available as part of the

Adaptemy Publishing System