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Adaptive Learning

Transform your digital products into personalised learning experiences.

Whether its transforming an existing product or starting from scratch, our experienced team will guide you on the journey to Adaptive Learning.

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Empower teachers

We give teachers real-time insights to their classroom that enable them to focus on the students, and on the topic, on the content, that needs their inspiring presence in the classroom.

This helps build stronger relationships between teachers and their students.

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Engage students

When you have a user experience that is more engaging, students learn more from each minute they spend. Immediate and engaging feedback results in longer learning sessions and better results.

Content is tailored exactly to students’ learning needs and motivation levels.

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Thorough research

Our adaptive learning research team really understand how personalised digital learning works. This is not just understanding computer science, it’s also understanding learning theories and the role of the teacher.

We have partnered with the leading provider of adaptive learning technology and leading learning research institutions.

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Your Content

We work with your content experts to integrate with existing textbook programmes, convert existing content, and author the most effective new content to make your new programme a market success.

And we integrate fully with your existing digital platforms. See some of our example implementations.

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Hours of Learning
Unique Learning Paths

Here you're getting real-time information, you're seeing how students are reacting to the different problems and challenges instantaneously, and that's just a huge revolution for teaching, compared to what teachers had to do in the past.

Dr. Michael Clark, Teacher, Mount Anville Secondary School, Dublin

As one of the leading educational publishing groups in Europe we have a lot of experience in working together with technology providers. Adaptemy’s level of engagement and performance was always exceptional throughout our cooperation. We are looking forward to increasing our joint efforts for inspiring and effective education.

Dr. David Klett, Klett Verlag (Germany)

The Adaptemy team build excellent relationships with our company, and the project went incredibly smoothly. We have never before got such an ambitious product to market in just 3 months. I'm looking forward to working with them again this year.

Niamh O'Sullivan, Publishing Manager, Folens Publishers

It was like having a friend on the computer, working with you, and I just found that I was understanding maths a lot more. I'm now more inclined to do maths first before any other subject, because I know that I have the support of Adaptemy there.

Ella, 15-year-old student

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