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Adaptive learning solutions for educational publishers.
Profitable and proven AI solutions from people who understand the classroom.

A proven digital roadmap for educational publishers

The Solution

The Solution

Powerful digital learning products across a range of subject areas and school levels

The Technology

The Technology

Deep-dive into the algorithms and expertise behind the technology

The Process

The Process

What happens when you adopt an adaptive learning solution?

The Business Case

Profitably adapt your content

Business Case

Adaptemy has successfully delivered profitable adaptive learning solutions across the globe.

Through a combination of systems, development and in-depth consultative support we ensure your investment secures your digital future.

Discover how to we can tailor our technology to deliver the perfect solution for you.

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case study

Reinvigorating business at Raabe

October 23rd, 2017, Conor Flynn

Reinvigorating business In a relatively small market, standing out was a tall order for Slovakian publisher, Raabe. Truly innovative products would require a large investment and high risk. Was there a clever way to compete? Textbook publishing in Slovakia is driven ... Read more

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latest articles

The Limitations of E-learning Tools: The Possibilities of Adaptive Learning

March 2nd, 2018, Daniel McCrea

The eBook has been a ubiquitous feature of the edTech landscape since the days of Flash. So, in a month where the CEO of Hachette called the humble eBook a “stupid product”, we’re taking time to review some of the missteps ... Read more

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What Is Adaptemy?

February 27th, 2018, Conor Flynn

Adaptemy is an adaptive learning solutions provider. Our technology delivers personalised learning experiences to students. By adapting to their individual needs, students achieve better educational outcomes. In turn, this provides teachers with rich insights into individual performance. And publishers can access ... Read more

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BETT roundup 2018

February 9th, 2018, Conor Flynn

After touching down from a great few days at BETT we wanted to share with you some of our highlights. When we consider that many children currently in school will go into jobs that don’t even exist yet, we need to ... Read more

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