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AI for Education

The intelligence inside your learning products

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Adaptemy helps some of the world’s leading education companies create
intelligent and adaptive learning products

Adaptive Learning Engine

Our award-winning Adaptive Learning Engine is class-leading in prediction accuracy of student learning, and our modular platform allows you to realise a wide range of learning design methodologies.


Our experienced team will take you through a series of tailored workshops, from exploring product possibilities, to detailed design of learning experiences and content development processes.


At all times, you maintain full control of your product, of your content, and of your data. We remove the mystery of adaptive learning while helping you realise your product vision.

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Connect your product to the Adaptemy learning engine to create
powerful and effective learning experiences.

What we offer

Adaptemy Roadmap™

A series of workshops tailored to your needs to explore adaptive learning and develop your digital strategy. From 1-day workshops to 3-month prototype projects, we help companies across the globe plan their adaptive learning roadmaps.

Adaptive Learning Engine

Our flagship product: integrate our Adaptive Learning Engine seamlessly into your existing ecosystem to deliver world-class personalised learning to your learners and insights to your teachers.

Adaptemy Publishing System

Smarter, simpler publishing tools. Because the creation of adaptive courseware requires a new set of tools. Curriculum Mapping, Content Authoring and Metadata Management tools for fast, high-quality and cost-effective workflows.


“KAI” – a new vision for the AI co-teacher in Belgium

Our innovative partner in Belgium, dieKeure, have launched a new Adaptemy-powered product for schools in Belgium: "KAI - the co-teacher". Acting as a AI-powered helper for the teacher in the…
Supporting Adaptive Learning in Singapore
Extending AI-Enabled Adaptive Learning with Sub-skills Modelling: integrating Adaptemy AI engine with AlgebraKiT engine

Extending AI-Enabled Adaptive Learning with Sub-skills Modelling: integrating Adaptemy AI engine with AlgebraKiT engine

The need to enable effective teaching and learning in online environments was exemplified best over the past year as many schools had to move their classes online all over the…
Innovative technologies from our Newton research project
Insights from UMAP 2019 and SMAP 2019

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