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AI-Powered Learning for European Security Agencies: Frontex 2024

Frontex Conference of Future Training Technologies

Adaptemy has been invited to exhibit at the Frontex conference in Krakow, Poland on the 28th & 29th Of February. As an approved provider to CEPOL (European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training) we welcome the opportunity to bring our expertise in AI-Powered learning to the Frontex security team.

The event promises to showcase the latest innovations in training for this important sector. More specifically, AI can be used to resolve challenges to training in this, and many other, professional sectors

Diverse Learner Backgrounds

Security teams across Europe have diverse learner backgrounds. An AI-Powered system can accurately model each individual learner’s initial level of mastery to ensure that the Learning application will deliver the precise content relevant to their personal needs: The end of one-size-fits-all learning.

The Demand to Re-Certify

Regulatory principles require the re-certification of these highly trained professionals on an ongoing basis. An Adaptive Learning system can store and retrieve each individual’s performance from previous certifications. This ensures that learner’s will have an efficient learning experience – rapidly identify and closing knowledge gaps that may have emerged since the previous certification: An efficient learning experience for all users based on their needs and not rote learning.


Adult learners are particularly sensitive to the relevance of the learning materials they consume. As busy professionals; their experience should be goal-oriented and motivating. AI systems improve engagement, and satisfaction, by clearly visualizing a learner’s current mastery and clearly articulating a clear path to their goal: Delivering a sense of purpose and relevance to adult learners.

The Demand for Differentiated Content

Lastly, the appetite for differentiated instructional and assessment content is as compelling in this industry as any other. The demand to have high quality content which satisfies the most rigorous compliance standards is acute for this cohort: Through the application of securely hosted and rigorously trained LLM’s, generative AI can deliver impressive results for content teams.


About Frontex: The European Border and Coast Guard Agency

Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, supports EU Member States and Schengen-associated countries in the management of the EU’s external borders and the fight against cross-border crime.

Frontex is a centre of excellence for border control activities at the EU’s external borders, sharing intelligence and expertise with all Member States and with neighbouring non-EU countries affected by migratory trends and cross-border crime.

With the standing corps, the European Union’s first uniformed law enforcement service, Frontex has transformed into an operational arm of the EU.

Hundreds of officers are taking part in operations at the external borders of the European Union and beyond. They perform a variety of tasks such as border surveillance, fighting cross-border crime, and assisting in return operations. The officers stand together with national authorities to safeguard the Schengen Area, one of Europe’s greatest achievements.

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