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January 16th, 2018, Conor O'Sullivan

Product Update December 2017

Update December 2017 Adaptive Learning Engine (v1.2.20) Improvements New algorithm simulator environment to facilitate user research and evaluation of new learning algorithms on the existing products and data Improved error logging systems to enable stronger analysis of errors Assessment for Learning ... Read more


January 12th, 2018, Conor Flynn

How Adaptive Learning Technology Supports Languages

#Adaptive Learning  #Languages  #Technology

A classroom is the worst environment in which to learn a language. With 30 or so students in a class, verbal exercises turn a room into a cacophony of excitement and confusion. With feedback only from peers, learning is slow and ... Read more


January 10th, 2018, Conor O'Sullivan

How to Digitise Your Educational Content

#Adaptemy  #Adaptive Learning  #Adaptivelearning  #Digital Classroom  #Future Of Edtech

The digital transition holds great promise for publishers: new revenue streams, a stronghold as market leader, greater connections with teachers and students, the promise of truly effective educational technology with data and insight for improvements. Yet the journey is unknown territory. ... Read more


December 18th, 2017, Conor Flynn

How Education Publishers Start their Digital Journey

#Edtech  #Educational Publishing  #Future Of Edtech

The success of your digital product will have far-reaching consequences. Get digital right and you’ll introduce a new, viable and sustainable revenue stream that secures your business as a market leader… Get it wrong, and you risk losing revenue, wasting resources ... Read more


December 12th, 2017, Conor Flynn

Why Digital Products Fail: An Education Publisher’s Guide

#Adaptive Learning  #Educational Publishing

If you’re teetering on the edge of a tech evolution, wondering if a digital product will deliver the gains in revenue and results it promises, this article is for you. Digital (or EdTech) solutions have been misfired and mis-sold in the ... Read more

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