December 5th, 2017,

An Introduction to Adaptive Learning for Publishers

Educational publishing is undergoing a profound change. As society moves evermore online and into the digital arena, so too must publishers follow. The desire among parents, educators, entrepreneurs and governments to improve student learning experiences and deliver more personalised solutions through ... Read more


November 28th, 2017, Conor O'Sullivan

Three Reasons Publishers are Investing in Adaptive Learning

#Adaptive Learning  #Casestudy

Over the past two decades we have seen the rise and fall of Edtech organisations and trends, from content rich CD roms, to text-heavy learning resources, to ebooks, and now finally we have seen the progression to adaptive solutions. Leveraging the ... Read more

Press Release

November 14th, 2017, Conor Flynn

Aula Planeta launch “Matic” in Mexico, adaptive learning product for mathematics

#Aula Planeta  #Mexico  #Spain

Grupo Planeta is Spain’s largest media company turning over €3bn. Among its companies is Aula Planeta, a specialist education company with a strong brand in premium and innovative education offerings across Spain and Latin America. Aula Planeta is a digital-only education company; its strategy is to ... Read more


November 14th, 2017, Conor O'Sullivan

Culture vs. Curriculum. Takeaways from EdTech Asia.

#Global Education  #Tuition

EdTech Asia 2017 was two full days of engaging talks and workshops with key EdTech entrepreneurs, investors, and education innovation changemakers from across Asia and beyond. There were over 25 different nationalities, 400 attendees and more than 60 start-ups. Our time ... Read more


November 14th, 2017, Conor O'Sullivan

Adaptemy make the cut at the Global Edtech Start-Up Awards

With the face of EdTech continually growing and expanding, awards like the Global EdTech Start-Up Awards (GES Awards) are vital for highlighting the innovative and exciting work companies all over the world are producing. They inspire and recognise the outstanding efforts ... Read more

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