July 13th, 2018, Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu

How Do We Update the Content Model?

#Ai  #Content Model

When content is used to orchestrate and personalise the learning experience it is vital to have an accurate model of the content. It is also important to automatically and intelligently update that model. At Adaptemy, we use AI to do this, ... Read more


July 10th, 2018, Conor Flynn

What Digital Product will Work in a Classroom When a Textbook Does the Job?

#Digital Transformation  #Future Of Schools

“I just don’t get it: they constantly complain about textbooks yet they buy them every year.” Across the world, teachers use local textbooks in their classrooms. Ostensibly old-fashioned, from an outsider’s perspective, textbooks haven’t evolved significantly in 50 years. It’s difficult ... Read more


July 2nd, 2018, Conor O'Sullivan

The Education Publishers’ Guide to Adaptive Learning

#Adaptive Learning  #Ebook  #Edtech

Part of the edtech buzz, adaptive learning is an approach that has been historically misunderstood. Hastened flurries of VC investment into the edtech group of emerging technologies saw the marketplace flooded with nominally adaptive solutions. Many failed to deliver on their ... Read more


June 27th, 2018, Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu

How Do You Update the Curriculum Model?

#Adaptive Engine  #Curriculum Model

At a superficial level, adaptive learning may appear to be the matching of content objects to learner needs, in some form of learning sequence with additional elements of feedback and motivation. However, at the heart of truly effective adaptive learning systems ... Read more

Press Coverage

May 25th, 2018, Conor Flynn

Life In An Adaptive World

#Adaptivelearning  #Edtech  #Education  #Technology

Conor Flynn, COO of Adaptemy, asks: will an adaptive learning solution put you on the front foot? What’s driving you to explore an adaptive learning (AL) solution? A desire to evolve your existing digital offering? An increasing need to stand out in the marketplace? Are ... Read more

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