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Learnovate Keynote – An Introduction to AI for the Uninitiated

Learnovate Keynote: 2023 – The AI Tipping Point?

Our Head of Partner Services, Daniel Mccrea, was invited to present the final keynote of the year in the Learnovate series in December of 2023.

“It was such a pleasure to be invited to end the year on a lighter note and deliver this keynote to the Learnovate members before the Christmas break. I provide a thumbnail sketch of the emerging generative ai technologies and try to communicate precisely why they have marked an extraordinary interest in the EdTech sector in 2023. Moving on from theory, I focus on the practical ways that Adaptemy has used these techniques to help partners provide even richer learning products to their users.”

We hope that you enjoy this lighthearted look back on “The Year of AI” for Education.


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