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Adaptemy After Christmas


Our Adaptemy pilot programme for Junior Cert maths currently allows teachers of second year students to manage their classroom as students work independently, providing personalised instruction to those who are having difficulty. While two of our recent posts explained how to get the most out of the Adaptemy pilot after the Christmas exams and during the break, the beginning of a new term provides teachers and students with a unique opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on their learning. Many of our users have spent some time on the system over the Christmas break, and the tips below explain how to put this extra experience to good use and get the most out of the Adaptemy pilot this term.

Students and teachers alike should now be well and truly settled back into school life, and as such productive learning can begin more quickly this term than at the beginning of the year. Those of you who began using the Adaptemy pilot programme in September now have months of experience and progress on the system and may be ready to try something new this term. Additionally, months of homework and test results can point teachers and students towards particular areas of difficulty. Both teachers and students will have a secure base of experience from which to branch out and mix things up: students can now engage just as well with a computer-based session as with a traditional class, and teachers can identify what does and doesn’t improve learning in their classroom.

As well as knowledge and experience, the beginning of a new term tends to be full of new energy as teachers and students prepare to improve themselves and embrace change. As mentioned above, the Christmas break may have given users a chance to relax and time to develop a deeper understanding of the Adaptemy pilot programme. The beginning of a new year also tends to bring lists of resolutions and decisions to work harder and live better, and this energy can be used to embrace change and vary the content of your Adaptemy sessions and assignments. Getting creative with sessions and assignments and making an effort to engage with each student allows teachers to get the most out of our Adaptemy pilot, and we’re excited to provide each of our teachers with the support they need to make it happen.

Preparing for the upcoming summer exams can act as an added motivator for students and teachers this term, and those who use the Adaptemy pilot programme can use this motivation to their advantage. Students can use the system at home to complete assignments set by their teachers or work independently on a particular topic. This flexibility allows students to prepare for exams at their own pace throughout the term, and the system is designed to assess each student’s ability level and provide them with challenging questions that will facilitate improvement in students of all levels. Each question is accompanied by a worked solution to allow students to understand their mistakes. Teachers can monitor the amount of time spent on the system by each student and access progress reports at any time, and students who work consistently this term will continue to improve and succeed in their summer exams.

The new term represents unique experience, energy, and motivation to try something new and work hard, and the Adaptemy pilot programme allows students and teachers to achieve these goals. Our support is always available, and we’d love to hear feedback from teachers who use our system in the classroom.  Tweet us @adaptemy or post to our Facebook page for more information!