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Adaptemy are delighted to work with CEPOL

The EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training, CEPOL develops, implements and coordinates training for law enforcement officials across the EU member states, partner countries and organisations, as well as within the scope of the agency’s externally funded projects.

Adaptemy are delighted to work with this agency in the provision of learning analytics services to support the implementation of CEPOL’s mandate. Making use of the Adaptemy AI-engine for modelling learning, our analysis of patterns in learner behaviour and content performance allows for increases in learning effectiveness.

As is the case in our adaptive learning implementations, the content analytics allow for cost-effective editorial focus on the content and curriculum elements that will have the largest impact on learning improvement.

“Adaptemy is also delighted to partner in the project with SciencePOD, another Dublin-based company, leader in specialist STEM content creation”. SciencePOD will play a major role in the development of innovative instructional content to support this mission.

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