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Adaptemy Joins The Learnovation 2023 Lineup

Adaptemy Head of Partner Services, Daniel Mccrea, will be speaking at the Learnovation Summit 2023 in Dublin on the 5th of October in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

Panel: “How Big is the Disruption to the Learner Landscape?”

Learners all over the world are about to see their learning options improved with the latest technological disruptions and innovations.

But when will this happen and will everyone benefit from the wave of this trend? Will it leave some learners behind? Will all learners have the skills to keep up with the pace? Our panelists will discuss the latest trends and share their predictions for the future of the learner. More…

About Learnovation Summit

The Learnovation Summit is organised by the Learnovate Centre, a leading learning technology research centre in Trinity College Dublin funded by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland. The Learnovate Centre supports organisations in developing solutions for our society’s current and future learning challenges.

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