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We’re proud to announce that on Thursday, we officially launched our adaptive learning solution in Slovakia. The launch took place at Raabe, the largest gathering of educators in Slovakia, where Adaptemy Co-founder and COO, Conor Flynn, discussed and demonstrated the power of adaptive learning in the classroom.

Drawing on the international success of our tailored adaptive learning solutions, which are used widely across Europe, Conor was invited to explain just what real adaptive learning is, how it should support teachers and the amazing results students are achieving through it.

Commenting on the purpose of Edtech, Conor explains, “There’s a lot of buzz about Edtech these days, but for the most part, it is failing teachers and students. Why? Because technology providers do not understand the incredible complexity of teaching. Educational technology must complement and support the teacher and engage the student if everyone is to succeed through it.”

He continues, “Every student is different. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. Teachers understand this and adapt their approach based on the pupil they’re working with. Through our work with publishers around the world, we can see in real time the positive impact our adaptive learning solution is having in the classroom – less disruption, happier students and better grades.”

For more information about how Adaptemy can help with your adaptive learning solution please feel free to contact us.