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Aula Planeta launch “Matic” in Mexico, adaptive learning product for mathematics

How Educational Publishers are Creating Great Digital Content

Grupo Planeta is Spain’s largest media company turning over €3bn. Among its companies is Aula Planeta, a specialist education company with a strong brand in premium and innovative education offerings across Spain and Latin America.

Aula Planeta is a digital-only education company; its strategy is to build its educational and pedagogical expertise and brand to disrupt textbook-centric incumbents.


Since signing a partnership with Adaptemy in April 2016, Planeta has gone from strength-to-strength and after continued success in Spain, Adaptemy is pleased to announce further expansion to Mexico.

Matic; adapting education

Aula Planeta has just launched “Matic”, an adaptive learning product for mathematics aimed at the private schools’ sector in Mexico. Based on the successful Matic product in Spain, it allows teachers to nurture learning in an adaptive and personalised way, attending to the diversity of the classroom and ensuring that each student advances according to their own needs.

Matic Mexico includes some of the latest advances in the Adaptemy platform, including quality improvements in interactive content, new algorithms in content sequencing and the latest A.I. to improve learning retention.

What the future holds

Aula Planeta’s brand of innovative digital pedagogy, enabled by Adaptemy technology, is resonating well in Mexico. Aula Planeta is excited about the Latin American market and optimistic about prosperity and expansion. The company expects it to be the largest growth area in the next couple of years.