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Connecting Students, Teachers and Parents with EdTech

My last few posts have touched on how Leaving Cert students work with their teachers and parents throughout sixth year. Strengthening these connections is vital to exam success, and one of the most effective ways to improve communication is through technology. EdTech provides students, teachers and parents with the opportunity to make small everyday changes and form stronger relationships through frequent and efficient communication. Technology already forms an integral part of everyday life, and choosing EdTech resources that make communication easier can lead to a happier and more productive year for all involved.

The most prominent relationship involved in exam success is formed between students and their teachers, and as such many EdTech resources aim to improve this relationship. I recently described how Irish teachers are already using technology in the classroom in order to make the most of class time, and technologies such as computers and interactive whiteboards encourage students to communicate with their teachers and become active learners. Other EdTech resources such as videos, interactive online games and social media may provide opportunities for shared problem solving and learning in the classroom. Students and teachers can bring EdTech outside of the classroom by using email and social media to communicate, allowing quieter students to have their say and facilitating more personal interactions. Some EdTech resources, including our own Adaptemy pilot programme, allow teachers to set homework assignments and collect feedback from their students. The relationship between students and their teachers is central to exam success, and using EdTech in class and at home can improve this relationship.

The relationship between parents and teachers revolves around the student, and as such most communication between a parent and their child’s teachers goes through the student. Annual parent teacher meetings provide an opportunity to discuss the student’s learning in detail, and EdTech can provide such opportunities on a much more regular basis. Communicating with teachers via email allows parents to address issues as they arise and receive updates throughout the year. Class blogs and Twitter accounts are an excellent way to keep track of learning and progress, and these frequent updates can give a better view of the student than term reports and exam results. This can also be achieved through the detailed feedback provided by EdTech platforms such as our Adaptemy pilot programme. The relationship between parents and teachers is often neglected, but using EdTech to harness its potential will benefit the student.

The final relationship involved in learning is formed between students and their parents. While this relationship is developed and strengthened throughout life, communication about education and learning may not begin until the child approaches important exams. Some discussion is usually inspired by school reports and parent teacher meetings, but feedback from teachers should not be at the centre of all communication. EdTech platforms such as Adaptemy’s weekly tutorials provide parents with detailed personal feedback on their child’s progress, involving them in the learning process and facilitating discussion. Students and parents can research EdTech resources together and decide on the best solution for the child’s needs. Working together to learn about EdTech can encourage communication between students and their parents, and many online learning platforms provide opportunities for parents to get involved in the learning process.

The best EdTech resources allow students, teachers and parents to work as a team throughout the learning process. Exams such as the Leaving Cert require frequent and efficient communication between all three members of this team, and hard work will benefit all involved in the long run. EdTech can accelerate the formation of important connections and strengthen the vital relationships involved in education.

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