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Coverage of Adaptemy at EdtechX 2019

Published in the London Evening Standard, 19 June 2019.

EdTechX: The role of AI and deep learning in the classrooms of the future

Students in the future will be able to personalise their learning while teachers can monitor their engagement and behaviour, according to ed-tech experts.

Opening the EdTechX conference in London today, Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet said the future of education lies with artificial intelligence and deep learning, citing the movement towards data and “deep tech” in new ed-tech companies, away from the “lighter tech” of digitisation of content seen at the beginning of the decade.

He said this would be “significant in building smart learning plans” in schools.

In a panel discussion on AI’s role in education, Conor O’Sullivan from Adaptemy, which uses technology to help educational publishers, pushed the case for more explainable AI in the classroom as he expressed concern that “AI now suggests something for your class and you don’t know why,” and added: “We are not going to risk the education of children on something untested.”

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