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Culture vs. Curriculum. Takeaways from EdTech Asia.

EdTech Asia 2017 was two full days of engaging talks and workshops with key EdTech entrepreneurs, investors, and education innovation changemakers from across Asia and beyond. There were over 25 different nationalities, 400 attendees and more than 60 start-ups.

Our time at the event in Singapore was filled with new opportunities to meet start-ups on an international level, but we also received a glimpse into the culture of education in Asia.

In 2015, PISA, the triennial Programme for International Student Assessment, placed Singapore first in science, reading and math. Four of the top 10 countries for educational excellence were Asian. So, what is it about Asia that places them top of the world rankings in education?

Culture over curriculum, key to Asia’s educational success

Culture plays a key role in education in Asia, as displayed by the amount of money spent on education not just by the government but families too.

Funding from family, not state.

In the West, extra tutoring or private lessons, especially in the UK and Ireland, are usually delivered by a friend-of-a-friend or an undergraduate. In Asia, private tutoring is big business and the private tuition market is an exciting space for EdTech.

Heavy investment from families, not just the state, make this is a buoyant, commercial and competitive industry.

Curiosity high for Adaptemy.

We noticed a simple but effective approach to education at the event. Industry professionals clearly dig deep into the educational theory to really understand what is happening in the classroom. The managing directors of publishing and content companies we spoke to had knowledge of what went on in the classroom. There was a connection between the classroom and the meeting room.

Urgency around investing in EdTech

With the Asian economy growing fast and the market changing constantly, companies have an urgency to be the best. Education is a competitive marketplace compared to the static nature of the West. Adaptemy and the services we offer were attracting a great deal of attention, as content providers in Asia want a simple but effective tool to maintain their status as educational pioneers.

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