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The Curriculum Mapping Tool that Develops Better Courses and Saves Content Authors Time

Curriculum Mapping Tool from Adaptemy

The curriculum mapping tool is incredibly easy to use and intuitive. The visual nature helped me to map efficiently and enabled me to keep in mind the most important aspect, the learner journey.
Malcolm Nicolson, former Head of MYP & DP Development at the International Baccalaureate, Director of Erimus Education


The foundation of any new learning product is a course planning document.

Labelled a scheme of work, scope and sequence, curriculum map or graph, the purpose of this document is singular: to chart in detail the educational content needed to deliver an effective learning experience and how that content connects.

As the entire product development process is based on this document, the key to delivering an effective learning experience is to produce a high-quality, easy-to-understand, intelligent course planning document.

Yet until now, spreadsheets have formed the bedrock of the curriculum design process. Complicated to navigate, share and revise, they are cumbersome bedfellows to the content authoring process.

Slow, difficult and frustrating

Confined to the limited and frustrating realm of spreadsheets, content authors are laboured with a time-intensive approach associated with exasperation and unease.

Complicated, messy and confusing, spreadsheets prevent authors and editors from seeing clearly how all the required content elements will fit into a learning experience.

Months of valuable time are spent developing curriculums or schemes of work in a tool prone to errors and laced with risk.

Fast. Effective. Accurate.

Imagine a tool that removes the uncertainty of building curriculum maps.

Imagine a tool that allows you to create your course structure with sections, topics and concepts.

Here, you can create links between concepts in a graphical interface and add extensible metadata to suit all subject areas and pedagogy.

Now, put it in the cloud where you can easily export your map to other systems, where there’s no need for hefty software downloads, where machines don’t need to be updated to access the tool, where everyone can view and edit the curriculum and versions can be tracked, controlled and rolled back.

What if you gave it a drag and drop interface, in-tool validation and 3-second autosave with full undo and redo.

What if you could define your own metadata at each level of the curriculum? Add curriculum variants for different regions and countries?

And what if this tool was available to use within minutes, came with a free 30-day trial, online webinars, documentation and training and both individual and company pricing?

Adaptemy has built this tool

Our new Curriculum Design Tool launches on 12th October 2018 at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Register now to be among the first to try its game-changing functionality.