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Don’t Miss This at ConTech Live: Data-Driven Content Insights

Throughout his career, Adaptemy’s Head of Publisher Services, Daniel McCrea has worked with some of the world’s largest educational publishers as they take the journey from traditional print to data-driven digital content.

At this year’s ConTech Live, Daniel will be sharing the hard-won insights and anecdotes from those journeys, revealing how data-driven insights dramatically improve content quality.

How Applying Machine Learning to Educational Content Delivers Actionable Data

In 2016, Adaptemy took a major publisher through the transformation from traditional print to structured .xml authoring.

Today, that publisher harnesses practical and actionable data from its digital content to inform its editorial strategy.

The data is used to evaluate learning efficacy, usage and redundancy patterns, quality issues in the content and author performance management.

It also shows improvements in learning outcomes and customer engagement and is used to define intervention strategies.

Explaining the transformative value of data-driven insights in publishing, Daniel will conclude his presentation by sharing Adaptemy’s Publisher Maturity Model: a framework for evaluating the organisational and technical readiness of a publisher to move to data-driven publishing.

Attend this talk for insight into the power of digital, machine learning and adaptivity within your organisation. 

Event details:
Date: 29th November
Time: 12:15 – 13:15
Location: The Chelsea Harbour Hotel, Chelsea Harbour, London, SW10 0XG
Seminar: Using data science tools to drive new business – an overview of the opportunities