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Global Learning Landscape

Holoniq, the edtech market intelligence company, have released their 2020 global learning landscape report.

At Adaptemy, we delighted to be recognised in the Classroom Technology category!

The report attempts to discover and categorise the various companies in the global learning landscape. Of Classroom Technology, the report writes:

The lines are now blurred between physical and digital classrooms. At campuses around the world, technology in the classroom has come off the walls and into the hands of students, allowing the integration of digital resources, activities, games and assessment with the lessons that are happening in the physical world.

Perhaps the Curriculum category gives a better description:

Adaptive learning platforms are increasingly adding resources and content to their offerings and morphing into ‘learning design’ solutions with full curriculum designed in conjunction with or on behalf of educational providers and content houses.

Curriculum authoring tools, design platforms and learning analytics solutions are also part of this cluster.

And in the Learning Platforms category:

Using AI technology, some solutions in this category provide personalized and predictive recommendations, while others solve the communication challenge across many stakeholders by automating workflow, alerts and providing dashboard-like data visualisation.

We are delighted to participate in several of these categories through the Learning Solutions that we power.

For more information, the full report is available from HolonIQ.