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The Education Publishers’ Guide to Adaptive Learning

Part of the edtech buzz, adaptive learning is an approach that has been historically misunderstood.

Hastened flurries of VC investment into the edtech group of emerging technologies saw the marketplace flooded with nominally adaptive solutions.

Many failed to deliver on their promises of classroom revolution, unable to adapt in any meaningful way. This scarred publishers and scared teachers away from exploring technology in the classroom.

But amid the angst and worry that misplaced edtech has caused, lie gem-like solutions that have a real and demonstrable impact on the lives of students and teachers alike, while empowering publishers to create new revenue streams, genuine points of differentiation and seize market share.

If adaptive learning is an Edtech solution you’re considering, our free guide to adaptive learning will help you:

  • Understand what adaptive learning is and how it impacts learners, teachers and publishers
  • Identify the commercial benefits for your business
  • Explore the development roadmap, so you can prepare for the journey
  • Digitise your content, so you can collaborate with your experts and editors
  • Recognise why adaptive learning solutions fail, so you can be sure of success
  • Learn from other publishers and their adaptive learning experiences
  • Discover the real-life impact of the technology

Download your copy of Adaptive Learning: An Education Publisher’s Guide