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Introducing Adaptemy’s Cutting-Edge Higher-Ed Solution

AI-Powered Learning for Higher-Ed

In an era of rapid technological advancements, education must evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of students and institutions. We’re thrilled to unveil Adaptemy’s latest innovation – a ground-breaking Adaptive Learning solution tailored for Higher-Education providers.

As specialists in the integration of Adaptive Learning technologies, Adaptemy is poised to reshape the educational landscape for universities, adult learning programs, professional certifications, and more. Our most recent partner, a prestigious national university, presented us with these key challenges:

Diverse Intake Cohort

The selected course was a Teacher Training degree-level qualification, required as a national standard certification. Students taking the course ranged from recent High-School graduates, to career-changers and people already working within education seeking the formal certification to take the next step in their careers. This diversity brought with it a range of key problems:

  • Weaker students struggled to adapt to the pace of the course – and once they were behind they kept falling.
  • Stronger students were disengaged by content that was far below their current level of mastery. The course was irrelevant.
  • Because of their different backgrounds – some students were particularly strong in certain modules but weak in others.
  • Too much precious lecture time was spent on covering off basic pre-requisite concepts, squeezing the time available for the more complex aspects of the course.
  • Learners had widely different traits – some were highly motivated and self-directed while others required more support to engage.

> Adaptive Learning technology harnesses the power of data and artificial intelligence to provide personalized learning experiences. Adaptemy’s solution adapts in real-time to each student’s progress and learning style, ensuring that they receive the right content, exercises, and assessments precisely when needed. This personalized approach enhances engagement, boosts retention rates, and ultimately leads to better learning outcomes. This demand is higher nowhere more than courses with high volumes of students.

Time-Poor Professionals Doing Low-Value Work

Creating and maintaining courses can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for universities. Busy lecturers could not be diverted for months creating new content using strange proprietary tools and standards.

> Adaptemy’s solution features automated and scalable course creation, allowing educators to efficiently develop content tailored to their curriculum. With the integration of AI-powered content recommendations, educators can easily select the most relevant materials to enhance the learning experience.

Too Little, Too Late

Early detection of struggling learners is critical. Once learners begin to fall behind it is increasingly difficult to re-engage them as the course moves on and leaves them behind. The ability to create and deliver formative assessment experiences was a key requirement in early detection.

> Adaptemy’s highly configurable Learning Strategies allowed the team the freedom to deliver Adaptive Formative Assessment activities which were not only highly accurate, but efficient. A range of different remediation strategies were then put in place to address these at risk learners.

Re-Inventing The Wheel

From the very outset it was clear that the introduction of Adaptive Learning could not come at the cost of a multi-year migration to a new platform. Not only is the institute under a long term contact with Blackboard LMS, the staff were familiar with its functionality. They wanted to leverage the solid core functionality of Blackboard, while empowering staff to create new, engaging and AI-powered Learning Experiences for their digital-native students.

> Adaptemy’s new product seamlessly integrates with standard Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Blackboard, Moodle, and Canvas through LTI (SSO) integration. This means educators can incorporate Adaptive Learning into their existing workflows without disruptions. Students benefit from a unified learning experience, while educators can leverage the power of Adaptive Learning without the need for extensive re-training or costly investment.

Where Next?

The initial pilot received extraordinarily positive staff and student feedback and a marked improvement in learning outcomes. Our partner has approved a larger-scale pilot later this year.  The next version of our product will feature the use of LLM technologies (like ChatGPT) to enhance the current user experience and supercharge the content authoring process. Our next two immediate higher-ed projects will focus on courses as diverse as Nursing (Ireland) and STEM & Humanities (Singapore).

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