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“KAI” – a new vision for the AI co-teacher in Belgium

Our innovative partner in Belgium, dieKeure, have launched a new Adaptemy-powered product for schools in Belgium: “KAI – the co-teacher”.

Acting as a AI-powered helper for the teacher in the classroom, “KAI” complements dieKeure’s latest programmes for primary schools, in maths, social science and languages.

Kai creates individual learning paths and adapt to the unique needs of every student. This happens at the level of each learning objective.

Kai offers the teacher a selection of learning strategies that can be used a different points of the teaching week, and even for different groups within the classroom. At every moment, the teacher has a dashboard view of each learner’s progress, and can intervene as little or as much as they choose.

For more information, see dieKeure – KAI

(Don’t forget to use Google Translate if you don’t speak Flemish/Dutch.)