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Smart Content workshops

Our Smart Content workshop is one our our most popular starting points for companies looking to future-proof their content catalogue for new learning products.

For many content producers, the content library (or “backlist”) is a valuable asset that was acquired over many years of investment. Protecting and leveraging that asset is important. Getting your content structure correct now can save huge costs later, and offer flexibility and speed when creating new learning products in the future.

Our workshops are tailored to each client. Here is an example of a workshop agenda focused on Smart Content.

Smart Content workshop

How to prepare your content for future learning products: content metadata, segmenting and structuring, data frameworks and curriculum maps.


Content maps, knowledge points and curriculum maps

  • Content management systems and the editorial process
  • Overview of adaptive learning and intelligent tutoring systems
  • Your content: formats, objects and metadata
  • Key models behind AI-enabled adaptive learning systems
  • Curriculum maps
  • Structure and organisation of curriculum maps and knowledge points
  • Issues of granularity and specificity


Building a curriculum map

  • The curriculum map development process
  • Examples from various subject areas
  • Key criteria and checklists: what is a “good” map?
  • Tools and software to support the process
  • Use of data and machine learning techniques to improve curriculum maps


Content mapping and content metadata dimensions

  • Attaching content to curriculum maps
  • Content metadata: dimensions and content matrices
  • Designing content metadata dimensions for different pedagogies
  • Cleaning: content segmenting and context
  • Examples from various projects and subject areas


Building adaptive learning experiences

  • Overview of common types of adaptivity and personalisation
  • The adaptation pipeline
  • How the curriculum maps and content metadata influence the learning experience
  • Feedback, model accuracy and effectiveness measures
  • Explainable AI

The Adaptemy team regularly run workshops both online and onsite around the world. To find out more about running a workshop, please contact us at