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The Student Journey Using Adaptemy

By Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu

Engaging and motivating students is an essential part of delivering improved learning outcomes, and Adaptemy reaches each student by providing personalised journeys that are tailored to student needs. Students can choose to learn, revise, practice, or complete assignments that are related to a particular concept on the curriculum. Questions are at the core of of each concept’s learning material, and Adaptemy uses a wide range of question types. This post will trace the student journey within a concept and illustrate how this journey is personalised as the adaptive engine adjusts the difficulty of each question and the feedback that is provided.

Adaptemy adjusts the difficulty level and number of questions presented to each student in order to maintain student engagement. This prevents the student from becoming bored of questions that are too easy or intimidated by those that are too challenging. The adaptive engine uses a generic question template to produce multiple varieties of the same question in order to provide each student with a personalised learning journey. The student is provided with feedback, hints, encouragements, and coaching in order to enhance their awareness of their own progress, improve learning, and increase motivation.

Clicking on a particular concept begins the student journey. Students are reminded to use a pen and paper while they work on the system before the first question and its answer box are presented.


Ioana2After entering their answer, students are presented with personalised feedback and the solution to the question.



Student performance determines the difficulty level and number of questions that are presented, and students are presented with a summary of their results, a grade indicating their ability in relation to the concept, and encouragement at the end of each activity. The system will also display the student’s overall progress in terms of effort, skill, and progress points and recommend the next concept in their journey.



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