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Supporting Adaptive Learning in Singapore

Adaptemy are delighted to partner with the Ministry of Education of Singapore and the National University of Singapore to deliver on the Singapore government’s National AI Strategy.

The Singapore education system has an enviable reputation for high achievement and effective learning methodologies. To maintain their position at the head of the field, the Singapore government announced a bold long-term strategy to ensure technologies are effectively employed within this system.

Personalised Education through Adaptive Learning and Assessment

One of the 5 pillars of the Smart Nation strategy is “Personalised Education through Adaptive Learning and Assessment”. The key question the strategy seeks to answer is:

How can we help teachers to better customise and improve the learning experience for every student?

This large multi-agency project over 10 years will serve as a benchmark for the application of A.I. technologies to schools in the context of a teacher-led classroom.

Adaptive Learning Technology

Since 2019, Adaptemy have provided consultancy and training services (see Adaptemy Roadmap) to the Ministry of Education to explore the theories and technologies of curriculum and learner modelling and Adaptive Learning Systems.

Now we are delighted to announce a further collaboration in the provision of our Adaptive Learning Engine technologies to power this ambitious project.

This will provide students and teachers in Singapore with accurate models of their learning, enabling supportive personalised feedback, promoting self-directed learning, and opening up possibilities for guidance and learning suggestions.



Embedding AI Innovation in Education

In addition to delivering on the current state-of-the-art technologies, this project also incorporates a strong research component. In collaboration with practitioners and researchers from various government departments and institutions, the goal is to establish Singapore as a leader in the use of AI technologies in education, and to embed AI innovation at the heart of the education system.

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