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14 Twitter accounts maths teachers in Ireland should follow this summer

With an ever-increasing number of teachers, students, and companies using twitter to share ideas and information, the sheer variety of Twitter accounts out there can be overwhelming. How should you prevent irrelevant tweets from clogging your feed without running the risk of missing out on the stuff that matters? I’ve come up with a pretty short list of accounts that share information that’s relevant to everybody who’s interested in maths education and Ed Tech in Ireland, and following these accounts will give Irish maths teachers a great foundation for learning and connecting on Twitter.


1. @bnighrogain (Bianca Nί Ghrógáin)

Bianca Ní Ghrógáin is a PhD researcher of Ed Tech in flipped STEM. She is very active on Twitter, regularly posting links and pictures that are relevant to the use of Ed Tech both in Ireland and internationally.


2. @NCCAie (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment)

Following the NCCA Twitter account will allow Irish teachers to keep up to date with important information such as potential curriculum changes. Teachers can have their say on these issues and benefit from relevant links shared by the Council.


3. @JCforTeachers (Junior Cycle for Teachers)

Junior Cycle for Teachers is a Department of Education & Skills support service for schools. The service’s Twitter account frequently shares links and opinions relating to Junior Cycle issues, and these posts are excellent resources that encourage teachers to discuss the topics that affect them and their students.


4. @eLearngraphic (elearning infographics)

This account shares high-quality Ed Tech infographics that are easy to follow and provide teachers with bite-sized chunks of information on a wide range of important issues.


5. @aoibhinn_ni_s (Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain)

Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain has many talents, including lecturing and TV and radio presenting. The PhD candidate is one of Ireland’s most prominent voices in maths and education, and her Twitter feed is made up of information from many disciplines that would be of great interest to any Irish maths teacher.


6. @cesitweets (Computers in Education Society of Ireland)

In addition to posting up-to-date news on the use of computers in Irish classrooms, CESI’s Twitter account shares international updates and exciting developments in the world of Ed Tech.


7. @WeAreTeachers (We Are Teachers)

This account provides all teachers with photos, quotes, research and trends relating to education and allows people who are passionate about teaching to find each other and discuss all things education.


8. @jackiegerstein (Jackie Gerstein Ed. D.)

Teachers who follow Jackie Gerstein will have access to a wide range of blog posts and studies that encourage teachers to think differently about how they interact with their students.


9. @VoiceforTeacher (Voice for Teacher)

By sharing information relating to changes in policy and other issues that affect Irish teachers and their students, this account successfully keeps primary and secondary teachers in Ireland up-to-date and well-informed.


10. @TeachingCouncil (Teaching Council)

The Teaching Council’s Twitter account is unique in the level of interaction it has with its followers. Teachers are encouraged to share and discuss information that relates to education in Ireland and in general.


11. @LearnovateC (Learnovate Centre)

The Learnovate Centre tweets about exciting developments in relation to technology in education and teaching in Ireland. Followers of this account will receive the very best of cutting edge education news.


12. @IrishTeachers (EdBlogsIE)

This account shares blog posts written by teachers and educators in Ireland, giving the authors and their peers an opportunity to share information about the education of different groups of children and young people throughout the country.


13. @IrishEducation (Irish Education News)

The Irish Education News Twitter account shares information about the issues and events that affect Irish teachers and their students as soon as it emerges.


And last but not least…


14. @adaptemy (Adaptemy)

We’re using Twitter to bring you exciting and relevant information from many sources, including the accounts described above. This information is guaranteed to be tailored to you, and following @adaptemy will keep you up-to-date on our news and introduce you to discussions with other experts in the fields of education, technology and maths.