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What Is Adaptemy?

Adaptemy is an adaptive learning solutions provider. Our technology delivers personalised learning experiences to students.

By adapting to their individual needs, students achieve better educational outcomes. In turn, this provides teachers with rich insights into individual performance. And publishers can access data-driven opportunities to leverage educational content and optimise revenue streams.

To understand how our adaptive engine does this, we first need to understand what an adaptive learning solution is. Here’s a quick intro.

What is an adaptive learning solution?

Adaptive Learning is an educational method that uses computers as interactive learning devices. Through a desktop, mobile or tablet, in a dedicated app, educational content and resources are presented to the user according to their unique needs.

Adaptive Learning solutions focus on personalised, student-centered learning. Every student’s learning situation and needs are different. Adaptive learning solutions dynamically cater to each student’s knowledge level and learning needs.

Adaptive Learning solutions customise curriculum content to best-fit student needs, not the other way around. The technology does not simply recommend the next topic or concept to the student, it suggests the most appropriate action and content that matches the individual’s learning journey.

These deeply personalised learning paths allow students to spend less time on what they already know and receive extra support and practice on concepts that challenge them. The interface gives students immediate feedback throughout the problem-solving process and coaches students as they work towards solutions.

When a student interacts with the system, it intuitively tailors the format and sequence, whether they are struggling, exhausted, or demonstrating mastery of concepts.

Reducing failure in this way creates an inherently motivational student experience and allows students to take ownership of their educational journey. It helps ensure understanding and knowledge retention and gives teachers deep insights into each learner’s progress.

Strong adaptive platforms provide useful and actionable data to teachers. The ability to analyse a students progression also gives teachers insight into whether or not students are truly mastering new concepts, and whether certain students would benefit from one-on-one instruction.

How adaptive learning solutions benefit publishers

Students and society now expect powerful digital tools and online tech-led experiences. Publishers would be wise not resist digital development to ensure longevity in the market and adaptive learning solutions provide multiple opportunities to capitalise on this.

Faster learner

With rich datasets at their fingertips, publishers can mould their content in realtime. Harnessing statistical feedback from users about which content works best, publishers, editors and subject matter experts are better able to improve their next iteration of the content. The result? Improved learning experiences and outcomes and content that’s easier and faster to deliver.

Content can be improved benefit from market differentiation, new revenue streams and becoming an industry leader.

Market differentiation

Standing out in a competitive industry can be challenging but while others push their print solutions, those offering an adaptive learning tool that supports teachers and gets results, are sure to grab the attention of customers.

New revenue streams

Revenue margins for print continue to decline and the perceived value of many digital products has been eroded through years of free supplementation, but those educational publishers who find a way to monetise their digital products future -proof their product.

Ebooks, whiteboards, resource banks and numerous other products have not been as profitable for publishers as they would have liked. To create a sustainable revenue stream, a digital product must justify itself to the market. It needs to be effective, with demonstrable improvements in learning outcomes. Moreover, it must be easy to adopt for all teachers. Adaptive learning solutions offer this opportunity

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Who is Adaptemy?

Adaptemy was founded in 2013 by Conor O’Sullivan and Conor Flynn. Collectively, they have over 25 years of experience in the educational field.

Conor O’Sullivan has been responsible for transformative technology projects in the education sector for over 10 years. Previously CTO at Ireland’s leading educational publisher and a director of several EdTech companies, Conor is a recognised leader in adaptive learning software and the innovative use of technology in education.

Conor Flynn has been reshaping classroom experiences for over 15 years. A teacher and pedagogy consultant, Conor’s insight into organisational behaviour and social responsibility has seen him successfully open schools and reimagine curriculums and teaching practices across the globe.

Both Conor Flynn, Conor O’Sullivan and their team of experts are committed to researching and trialling new teaching ideas and technologies.

In collaboration with their pilot schools, partner companies and leading universities in across five countries, they are delivering more effective learning solutions for different age-groups, subject areas, markets and cultures.