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Reinvigorating business at Raabe

Reinvigorating business

In a relatively small market, standing out was a tall order for Slovakian publisher, Raabe. Truly innovative products would require a large investment and high risk. Was there a clever way to compete?

Textbook publishing in Slovakia is driven by a government tender process and price-points are low. There is no teacher discretion, as textbooks are purchased centrally by the government for all schools.

However, the real market opportunity is in the workbook space. Publishers compete for each school and teacher, with a wide range of products in the market, from low-cost workbooks to more differentiated offerings.

Wanting to reinvigorate the business with a new, sustainable offering, Raabe approached Adaptemy in February 2017. After signing with Adaptemy in June 2017, Raabe was live with a state-of-the-art digital workbook by September, delivering the most advanced tool of its kind to the Slovakian marketplace and marking the company out with a key differentiator.

Getting ahead

Before initiating this project, Raabe was fighting to be noticed. Differentiation was key and reinvigorating the business was essential for survival.

Speed and cost were paramount. It was Adaptemy’s unique authoring tools and consultative process that facilitated a swift move to market.

Using a proven workflow, Raabe was able to quickly understand the curriculum design and content authoring requirements for an adaptive product and adjust its existing content to fit. In this way, Raabe could very quickly design and build their product. The process was cost-effective and focused, saving the company a potential fortune in consulting, consideration and prototyping.

To take the product to market, Raabe used the largest teacher conference of the year, with strong support from government ministers and delegations, to showcase the future of learning for the Slovakian market.

Now, while competitors watch their margins erode on book sales, Raabe has reinvigorated their brand and has a tool that enhances the classroom. They’ve embellished their product base with a sustainable, insightful product that is already reaping rewards.

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