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Adaptemy Easter Revision Course


A big thank you to all of our students and teachers who worked so hard over the Easter Break!

Wow, what a week!

For the past year we have had hundreds of students (and tens of teachers) logging on from around the country (and sometimes abroad) to attend our online classes but this week was really great. We covered topics from all 5 strands over the week but without a doubt our most popular topic was Co-ordinate Geometry of the Line. I predict the examiners in June will be giving a lot of full marks in Paper 2 if they get our students’ papers. You met Emma, our new study advisor who is now working with Lee and a host of new teachers. A special thanks must go to Dr. Michael Clark, Jean Broletti and Mark Twohig who ran the insight tutorials over the week.

Interestingly, the area with the biggest improvement over the week was Differentiation. As I am musing over this blog I’m thinking there may be two reasons for this. The first reason could be that some schools and teachers leave Calculus to the final term in 6th year. Maybe teachers are thinking that with such an important topic which is worth so many marks, making sure it is fresh in their student’s heads is the best way to ensure a good performance in the Leaving Cert.

Another reason could be that some students and teachers have an image in their head of Calculus being difficult. This makes me think about the importance of attitude when approaching Maths in general. I know from talking to students before the week that most students were worried when they thought of differentiation. “It’s hard” or “it’s weird” was the most common refrain. Having attended 2 online classes and done a few hours of practice the results are showing that none of our students will have a problem attempting the differentiation questions on Paper 1 in June. I think we have proved without a shadow of doubt that Irish students, when they feel comfortable and when they put their minds to it, can handle any area on the Leaving Cert curriculum and pass with flying colours.

Only a few short months left to the big day! I would like to thank all of our students and teachers for their hard work over the Easter break and wish everybody the best of luck in their exams. Remember we will have classes every Monday and Thursday night from now until the exam. Check out the schedule on your dashboard and remember you can always email or if you have any questions about anything.

Written by CONOR FLYNN