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Using Adaptemy To Act On Exam Feedback



As I mentioned in my last post on how to use the Adaptemy system this Christmas, many students have already completed their Christmas exams and will be receiving feedback over the next few weeks. Both new and experienced students and teachers can use this feedback to identify areas of improvement. Using the Adaptemy pilot programme for Junior Cert maths students, teachers can focus their classes and assignments on particular topics and students can choose to work through a specific set of questions independently. Our system can be used to its full potential when feedback provides a direction, so now is the perfect time to make the most of exam feedback.

Teachers can use their students’ results to identify areas of difficulty, and this feedback allows teachers to direct each Adaptemy session towards topics that need to be improved. As such, teachers should emphasise the importance of each session on the system and encourage students to work hard to improve in their weakest topics before the Christmas break. Each student can work through a set of questions at their own pace, ensuring that the whole class will be up-to-date by January. Teachers can decide what topics are most important for each student and avoid spending time on areas in which only some students are struggling. The Adaptemy system allows teachers to monitor the class throughout each session, allowing them to see feedback and improvement over both short and long periods of time.

Teachers can also set assignments outside of class on the Adaptemy system.  Assignments allow teachers to really test each student’s understanding of a topic and provide students with an opportunity to practice on the system at home. Setting assignments over the break will keep students working and maintain their skills, and teachers can check how long was spent on each task. Assignments are corrected by the system, saving teachers a lot of work when class resumes in January! Working on the Adaptemy system provides students with personalised, effective, and engaging content at home, and setting assignments over the break can motivate students to log on and continue to work independently.

Even if students have no assignments to complete on the system, working independently on difficult topics over the break will be incredibly beneficial when class resumes in January. Students can use feedback from Christmas exams to identify the areas in which they need more practice and direct their independent study over the break. This feedback should be reflected on the Adaptemy system, and these two measures may be taken together to provide a powerful indication of each student’s strong and weak areas. Selecting “any topic” in the assignments page allows the system to detect and assign the concepts in which the student needs most practice. By making the most out of each Adaptemy session and assignment and working on the system at home, students can use the feedback from their Christmas exams to get the most out of the Adaptemy pilot programme.

Exam results can inspire both students and teachers to improve this Christmas, leading to more personalised, effective, and engaging Adaptemy sessions and assignments. If you are involved or interested in our pilot programme for Junior Cert maths and have any tips or questions, tweet us @adaptemy or post on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear from you!