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By Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu

Wondering why you should adopt Adaptive Learning Technologies? The answer is simple: learners are different and one size doesn’t fit all! Providing the same linear information to all learners could make both students who are struggling and students who are flying through the material feel isolated. Adaptive learning reaches each learner despite differences in knowledge level, skills, learning style, preferences, goals, and motivations.

Adaptive Learning Systems (ALS) personalise and adapt the learning environment using information about the users, educational content, and adaptive engine. User information includes knowledge, goals, preferences, and learning styles. Information about the educational content refers not only to each individual piece of information (i.e. content) but also to how that information is structured (i.e. concepts to be taught organised in a hierarchical structure where relationships exist between concepts). The adaptation engine, together with any other adaptation rules and intelligent algorithms, will learn about and tailor itself to each learner.

The most common approach is learner-centred and driven by the learner’s characteristics. Collaboration features have been added to the ALS in order to decrease learners’ feeling of isolation, increase their social awareness, and enable collaborative learning.  Adaptive learning technologies usually come with authoring tools for authors or publishers in order to ease the development of online courses.

Cutting-edge adaptive learning technologies aim not only to provide adaptive and personalised learning experiences but also to empower the teacher. Adaptive solutions benefit teachers in at least two ways. First, they will help the teacher to provide learners with direct guidance, adaptive content and adaptive learning paths. Second, the teacher is informed in real-time of what happens in the class through data visualisations in the form of comprehensive dashboards that can be easily monitored.

At Adaptemy, we are focused at providing learning companies and institutions with a proven and workable personalised learning solution for classrooms built on an adaptive learning platform. We deliver live classroom tools to provide insights and empower teachers.

In our solution we provide:

  • Personalised Questions (everyone gets different questions, with hints and specific feedback on learners’ responses)
  • Appropriate Questions (question difficulty adjusts to each learner, improving engagement, but the “score” is still comparable)
  • Content matched to learning style (on a concept, we learn which content is most effective with different types of learners across many dimensions)
  • Learner Profiling (we build a network of estimates of ability across each 200+ concepts, to identify prior misconceptions)
  • Learning Recommendations (the most effective next step for each individual – not just where to focus, but exactly what to do)
  • Learner Self-guidance (visualisations and hints to enhance self-awareness of progress, with step-by-step coaching and rewards)
  • Teacher Monitoring & Control (live classroom tools, dashboards and reports, with assignments and detailed student reports)
  • Teaching Suggestion (class-wide difficult concepts, topic readiness estimates, subgroup suggestions with lesson suggestions)
  • Further learning options (handoff to teaching assistants, on-demand virtual tutorials and exam preparation)
  • Programme-level insights (for educators and publishers, discover key patterns of learning to improve each part of the education system)

If you want to receive more information or are interested in using Adaptemy, please get in touch with us at