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Gamification elements in STEM subjects – Lessons learned from NEWTON Project

Lynch, T., Playfoot, J., De Nicola, C., Di Salvadore, F., & Ghergulescu, I. (2018). Gamification elements in STEM subjects – Lessons learned from NEWTON Project. In IPeTEL workshop IICE conference.


Gamification whereby game mechanics are integrated into a non-game experience, such as a learning experience has a positive effect on learning, increasing students’ motivation and engagement. STEM education is not currently taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by the implementation of gamification into science lessons. More worryingly, Europe is facing a shortage of scientists in the future, as students are disengaging from STEM subjects, finding them difficult and irrelevant. Science teaching has not caught up with the millennials, who by nature are digital natives, having grown up in an age of technological advancements and video games. While there are many ways to include gamification into education, the implementations made must be genuinely beneficial, and not only changes for the sake of changes. Here, we present the results of a gamification survey, carried out as part of the NEWTON H2020 Project, and discuss the most useful aspects of gamification mechanisms.