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The Importance Of Teachers


As I wrote in my post about our resolutions for 2015, the purpose of Adaptemy is to empower teachers and adapt to individual learners. As such, teachers are vital to the success of everything that we do and we value each and every teacher who works with us. Working with teachers to deliver adaptive learning solutions allows us to achieve our common goal: improving student learning. With over 50 schools involved in the Adaptemy pilot programme, we are working with many teachers from around the country who implement the programme, provide us with valuable feedback, and inspire everything that we do.

We know that teachers want each student to realise their potential, and Adaptemy allows students to reach their goal by providing personalised material and feedback. The system depends on the teacher to set up their classroom, explain how students should use the system, monitor the dashboard, and act on feedback during class time. Outside of class, teachers set assignments and monitor student progress as well as interpreting each student’s report in light of their goals and improvement. While students can use the system at home in their own time, teachers are often needed to explain difficult concepts in class if the student encounters difficulty. Put simply, teachers are important to us because the Adaptemy pilot programme would not work without them. As such, teachers are vital to student success.

Teachers are also important to us because teacher feedback tells us what we do well and what we need to improve. This feedback allows us to form a deeper understanding of the needs of teachers and their students and develop the Adaptemy system in ways that cater to these needs. Our teachers provide feedback during school visits, phone calls, and email conversations as well as through our website, and we are always available during Adaptemy sessions in order to listen to feedback as it emerges. Teachers also discuss Adaptemy with others in and outside of their schools, spreading the word about adaptive learning technology. We value our teachers because we aim to deliver improved learning outcomes and teacher feedback tells us what these outcomes look like.

At a deeper level, we value our teachers because Adaptemy wouldn’t exist without them. As Conor Flynn emphasised at our first teacher summit for the pilot programme, “no tool can replace a teacher” so we aim to empower teachers to create improved educational environments for their students. While the classroom of the future is often thought to depend on technology, teachers will always be vital to student learning. By providing teachers with a classroom management tool that integrates seamlessly into their teaching, we hope to facilitate the delivery of adaptive learning solutions to each student. Teachers are the key to successful learning, and acknowledging their importance highlights the need to support them. At its core, the Adaptemy pilot programme depends on teachers and aims to support the incredible work that they do.

Teachers are important to us because they implement the Adaptemy pilot programme, give feedback, and inspire everything that we do. We would like to thank every teacher who is working with us to improve student learning as we enter the final stage of the pilot. Tweet us @adaptemy or post to our Facebook page and let us know why you think teachers are important!