From personalisation software to real-time teaching suggestions, creating
an effective programme with quality content contains many parts.

Explore some of the elements of Adaptemy solutions here.

Asking the perfect question

Working through practice questions is more effective when the question is tailored precisely to you.

We tailor each student’s sequence of questions based on the predicted grade, their progress in the current session and level of motivation.

Personal Learning Paths

Once Adaptemy build a detailed profile of each student’s learning, we then recommend which activity deserves the student’s focus.

We don’t just recommend the topic or concept, we also suggest the most appropriate action and content that matches each individual.

What does an Adaptemy classroom look like?

Have a look into some classrooms using the Adaptemy “Build Up” product for mathematics classes.

Powerful Curriculum Maps

Curriculum experts first map the subject curriculum into a network of 200+ concepts, including all the inter-relationships between concepts.

This framework allows our adaptive engine to propagate learning evidence across the map, and identify each student’s individual strengths and misconceptions.

How do teachers control personalisation?

Teachers can view in real-time the progress of their class, measuring effort as well as achievement.

By assigning challenges and focused goals for students, the teacher can ensure that everyone is working in the same direction.

Real-time Classroom Oversight

The critical element to make a teacher’s job easier! A real-time view of what students are doing, colour-coded to highlight only those that need your guidance.

Get all students logged in quicker, ensure all are “on task”, see who needs your help, and who is having a quick look at Facebook.

Teaching Suggestions

Within a classroom, students share common learning struggles. We can provide teachers with suggestions of who would benefit most from their invention, and which concepts or activities may be useful.

Fostering Learner Self-Awareness

By providing students with clear and meaningful visualisations of their learning progress, we foster learning self-awareness in students.

This has been proven to lead to higher intrinsic motivation over time, and students learn “how to learn”.

Effective Content

The easiest way to gauge the effectiveness of content is to see which content has worked successfully for other similar students.

By matching learner profiles and successful learning sessions, students are suggested the content that has proven most successful for their similar peers, whether that is by learning style or just well-designed content.

Detailed Reporting

Students can replay every part of their learning journey, back through individual elements of content viewed or questions answered.

More importantly, teachers can drill down from the classwide suggestions, to see which content or questions are most difficult for the class, and the individual work of every student in their class.

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