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Why Should Leaving Cert Students Choose Online Tuition?

Each year, many sixth year students decide to seek out extra tuition in order to improve their chances of Leaving Cert success. Traditional grinds are the most common choice among students of all ages and abilities, but many tutors provide generic and impersonal information without taking individual struggles into account. Many of the virtual grinds that have grown popular in recent years also fall into this trap. Have you ever wondered how technology could be better utilised in exam preparation? Online tuition provides each student with extra support and practice at their own pace, and resources such as Adaptemy’s weekly tutorials offer many advantages over traditional and virtual grinds.


Online tuition provides each student with personalised learning resources in the comfort of their own home. Eliminating the need to travel to and from class saves time and money, and students can learn without being distracted by each other or an unfamiliar environment. While making time and space for an individual tutor in the student’s home can disrupt other family members, students can attend online tutorials in their bedroom or study space. The convenience of online tuition provides students with a more comfortable and focused learning experience.


Weaker students are more likely to seek out extra help as they approach important exams, but traditional grinds may not meet the needs of struggling students. Large classes can be intimidating, and tutors may move too fast and risk losing those who can’t keep up. Online tuition resources such as the Adaptemy system respond to the ability level of each student and allow students to work at their own pace. Live support is always available during a session, and students can practice questions on a topic of their choice outside of class time. Online tuition provides weaker students with an opportunity to learn in their own time.

Stronger students may also avail of extra help this year. Many of these students feel that, while they are doing well in a particular subject, they have the potential to do better. Strong students may feel that traditional grinds move too slowly for their needs. As mentioned above, online tuition resources such as Adaptemy’s weekly sessions respond to individual ability and provide students with manageable yet challenging questions. Strong students can avail of the same level of support as weaker students and practice particular topics before and after class. Whether students are strong or weak, online tuition adapts to individual needs.


Large groups such as those formed in grinds schools can feel anonymous, particularly when teachers provide generic notes and advice without engaging with their students as individuals. Virtual grinds can also feel impersonal if the format involves a teacher broadcasting to a group of students without asking for their input. The best online tuition resources encourage students to ask frequent questions and provide personal answers. My role as a study advisor with Adaptemy involves regularly checking in with each student and getting to know the class as individuals, and students receive personal feedback on their progress each week. Caring about students and their progress is central to any online tuition resource.


As mentioned above, traditional grinds tend to take a ‘one size fits all’ standpoint and provide students with generic exam preparation advice. As a result, students may feel that they are being talked at and that their input is not valued. The Adaptemy system adapts to individual needs and our team responds to feedback, incorporating suggestions into each session. Students are asked to choose specific topics to focus on, and our teachers ask questions throughout the session and encourage students to do the same. Online tuition engages each student in their own learning.

If a convenient, adaptive, personal and engaging learning environment appeals to you, online tuition may be the key to your Leaving Cert success. Our weekly Adaptemy sessions will begin soon, so check out our website for a free trial and connect with us on Twitter for updates!