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Product Update August 2018

Update August 2018

Assessment for Learning App (v3.27.5)


  • Analytics reports now appear per academic year by default.


  • Bug fix: 3 minor layout fixes related to displaying large class sizes on small screens.

Learning API (v7.6.5)


  • Implemented GDPR-related automated archiving and deletion of Personally Identifiable Information for expired and inactive users.

Publishing Tools (v3.27.0)


  • Added new user role “Curriculum Designer” to the Publishing Tools environment.
  • Added single login & logout for all publishing tools.

Curriculum Design Systems (v1.7.0)


  • Added curriculum map interactions: edit node; add link; select link; pan map to keep selected node/link in view.
  • Updated Export to XML function.
  • Layout of curriculum map improved on very large screens.
  • Improved topic curriculum layout algorithm.
  • Added concept-level metadata option.

Reporting Systems (v1.11.5)


  • New clustering algorithm to normalise the difficulty level recommendations in the Content Report.
  • Infrastructure improvements to automate deployment workflow for Reporting Systems.
  • Analytics reports now appear per academic year by default.