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Teaching Maths Made Easy

maths-made easy

We understand that as a teacher you can’t always focus on doing what you do best. There are often distractions both inside and outside of the classroom that can very easily draw you away from the art of educating your pupils. Whether it’s marking pile-up, curriculum frustration or simply classroom control – there is too much to distract you from actually teaching.

That’s where Adaptemy can help. Our platform is designed to support the teacher using it, as much as the student who is learning from it. That is why we are different.

There are many online solutions that claim they can offer adaptive learning, but  true adaptive learning requires a 360 degree view of the problem. Taking student needs into account is crucial of course, but equally so is the teacher’s needs.

Our system is simple to use, and is under-pinned by the current Leaving Certs Maths curriculum. By encouraging your students to use our platform, you will get in-depth understanding and analysis of the base-line knowledge levels of each student, with clear and concise markers on what areas of focus need immediate attention. This is true ‘Adaptive Learning’.

For your chance for a FREE TRIAL why not contact us today? We are particularly interested in hearing from teachers with 2nd year Junior Cert maths classes starting in September.