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Three Key Takeaways from Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

frankfurt book fair 2018

7,503 exhibitors, 285,024 visitors. This year’s Frankfurt Book Fair brought together book, content and publishing enthusiasts with its usual combination of passion, innovation and exciting presentations.

We were there, exhibiting and speaking, and launching our new curriculum design tool. We also had our ear to the ground, soaking up all that is new and notable. Here are our three key takeaways from last week’s event.


The digitisation process continues

Large educational publishers continue their digital transformation with the digitisation of the production process.

This year’s Frankfurt Book Fair saw more companies supplying tools to educational publishers, such as single-source multi-channel publishing workflows (ISI Crunch, Learnetic, Gutenberg Technologies…).

Into this digitisation process, Adaptemy’s curriculum design tool, which enables curriculum design as a component of a larger digitisation process, was very well received.

Government initiatives turn towards digital curricula

Government delegates were notably present – more so than in previous years – and showed considerable interest in digital curriculum.

Once a government dictates a digital curriculum, publishers must quickly follow suite. This rang true as we connected with many publishers interested in the process. We anticipate many more will now be lining up in the digital starting gates, ready to respond.

Medical and professional publishing

Niche players in this space are now piloting more ambitious digital solutions, which previously would only have been in the budget of the larger publisher.

With a focus on career-matched diagnostic assessment and micro-credentialing, these publishers are seeking strong digital solutions to maintain market share.


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