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Adaptemy and EDIA announce collaboration to support educational industry with adaptive content delivery

EDIA and Adaptemy join forces to automate curriculum creation and content management.

EDIA, an Amsterdam AI EdTech company specialising in the automation of content creation, management, and distribution processes for educational companies, and Adaptemy, a leading provider of classroom-focused adaptive learning technology today announced a strategic partnership. The two companies will work together to help educational publishers accelerate production and delivery of adaptive content suitable for personalised learning.

Adaptemy has created an easy-to-use visual editing tool for creating curriculum maps. Curriculum mapping enables course designers to enrich the curriculum definition with extensible metadata and dependencies, as a foundation for Adaptive Learning products. EDIA’s automated meta-tagging service enables educational publishers properly tag and organize their content library allowing to make data-driven decisions strongly backed by data when it comes to creating value for customers.

Combining Adaptemy’s elegant Curriculum Design Tool with EDIA’s powerful automated meta-tagging capabilities delivers extraordinary results whether starting from scratch or trying to organise an existing content library. For completely new products, publishers can use the Adaptemy Curriculum tool to create a curriculum map on which the course is structured. As content is being created, the curriculum map can be integrated as a taxonomy into the EDIA metadata tagger. This enables easy re-use and re-distribution of educational content, unlocking new revenue streams that lead to increased sales for the content that is produced.

Adaptemy Curriculum Tool

Adaptemy Curriculum Tool. Learn more about Adaptemy Technology

Adaptemy and EDIA bring together the strengths of their technical solutions best when it’s required to organize an existing library of content assets. Publishers can use the Adaptemy Curriculum tool to create a curriculum map on which the course is structured. Once the curriculum map is integrated as a taxonomy in the EDIA metadata tagger, the publisher’s Content Management System can be crawled by the EDIA metadata tagger against the Curriculum Map. This process can quickly map an entire content library against each course curriculum, cost-effectively leveraging existing content assets.

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How does EDIA Metadata tagger work? Learn More about EDIA Metadata tagging solution

“Working with EDIA helps us simplify the digital transformation journey for our customers,” said Conor O’Sullivan, CEO of Adaptemy. “As educational publishers modernise their production systems to deliver intelligent learning solutions, this partnership will accelerate the pace of innovation that needs to happen in the educational landscape.”

“At EDIA, we are on a mission to transform the way traditional education is done and it starts from educational organisations,” said Walter Montenarie, CCO of EDIA. “Working together with Adaptemy allows us to get closer to our goal. We have the opportunity to deliver intelligent automation to educational organisations, enhancing their abilities to create a new content format that adapts to the end-user, leading to reduction of unnecessary costs, time and effort for their businesses.”

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